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Fast Growing Franchises

220px-McDonalds_in_MonctonWhile in recent times the economy has been slow at best, there has still been success in some verticals. For companies that have franchise opportunities, a bear economy can hurt. With less money coming in, fewer people are willing to take on the risk of becoming a franchise owner. There are examples, however, of franchises that have not only expanded in recent years, but have done very well. They range across different markets, and each has a unique selling point to potential investors.

One profitable franchise in recent times is Subway. The well-known sandwich chain proved to be recession proof, and had a large amount of growth. Healthy food trends have been a boost to business, and with a relatively low franchise fee (compared with other big brand food establishments), investors saw Subway as a good opportunity. With real estate prices going down, prime locations became available and investors took their chance.

Another successful franchise was Synergy HomeCare, which is an in-home health company for the sick. While some may assume these franchises only focus on the elderly, a growing demographic, it is not the case. Synergy HomeCare looks after patrons of all ages.  Franchise owners also receive webinars and training stay on top of changes in health technology.  Since 2006, franchise growth has increased 950%.

Signal 88 Security is a specialized company that offers monitoring, emergency response and foot patrols, among other services. Most of the employees are military veterans or other security work. These franchises are primarily expanding in large cities.

While residential lawn care providers usually lose business in hard economic times. Commercial providers, such as U.S. Lawns, on the other hand, have grown, primarily because of their client base. With businesses and government buildings see lawn care as a business expense, and not a superfluous venture.

Being healthy is the new craze in the United States, and it should be, with alarming numbers of obesity growing. One company is devoted to stopping this trend, and creates fitness programs for children. JumpBunch believes that by stopping obesity in youth, it can circumvent this issue at an early point in life.

A commercial cleaning chain, Jani-King, has had recent success. This Texas based company offers janitorial services for a wide range of businesses including manufactures, restaurants and events. As stated before, many businesses consider services such as this a necessary expense, so franchises have had opportunity in a slow economy, with the potential of a boost when the wheel starts turning again.

These are just a few franchises that have done very well in recent years. As with any business opportunity, investors should do their homework before jumping into a new venture.

Andrew Yessen is a blogger for HomeVestors, America’s #1 home buyer. Check out our site if you have any real estate needs.


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How To Become A Successful Affiliate

As an affiliate manager for (InMotion Hosting), I see hundreds of sites a week and also review just as many applications for our in-house affiliate program. There are many sites that don’t have a grasp of what needs to be done to become a successful affiliate, but maybe it’s just a learning process they need to go through before reaching their goals. Because many of these tactics have actually been implemented by our affiliates, I can tell you first hand that they do make a difference. Of course, every site is different, but these are some general rules of thumb when starting out. Especially if you are new to the affiliate scene, these few pointers below should help you reach the top of the curve quicker so that you can start making some money.

Banners Don’t Work Anymore – Traditional banners really don’t get the audiences’ attention anymore. Contextual links and recommendations work a lot better than an animated banner. A recent study showed that anywhere from 31-91% of online display ads are not even seen. ( People will be less likely to click on a banner because they know it’s an advertisement. Would you rather buy something because you saw a commercial on TV or if someone told you that it was a good product? The same rule applies to sites. People go on the web as a resource to see what would work for them. Recommendations work. I’m not saying don’t put up banners, but realize that the banners should be used more as a supplement to your contextual links. Don’t just try to fill up the page with advertisements. That is the equivalent of a shop with neon signs everywhere.

Content is King – This is a rule that’s been in place forever, but very few people follow it because it takes time. You want as much content as possible on your site. A site with 100 pages is more likely to climb up the search rankings and offer an in depth look at a product that they are trying to sell. Quality of content is also important, so it’s not always wise to outsource unless you have a good QC (quality control) process in place.

Keep it Relevant – Make sure the affiliate products you are offering are in line with your site’s theme. If your site is about makeup, putting up affiliate products for golf balls is probably not going to do well. If you are offering web hosting, you will do best on tech, CMS or review sites. Seek out products or services that your audience will gravitate towards.

Try Different Marketing TechniquesEmail marketing is a necessity, but if you can break free from your usual routine in reaching out, your response may be better. Try things that other affiliates are not doing. Direct mailings, social media and in person meetings will all help with your affiliate efforts. The more work you put in, the greater the payoff.

Placement of The Link – Where you put your links on the site is as important as the products you are promoting. Most clicks will come from above the fold (the top half of the site that people will see when they come to your site), so your cash cow should go there. But also try changing the type of links based on the content of the site. If you have a review site with multiple categories, you probably want to associate a different product or service to each category/page.

Attend Shows – Unlike many other industry conventions and events, affiliate shows are meant for one thing, to meet people and extend your affiliate reach. Don’t think it’s a waste of time in attending these type of events. Merchants and other affiliates love to share their success and give you tips. It’s a great way to learn about new affiliate programs, products and services.

Conversion Rate is More Important Than CPA (CPL)Affiliates‘ eyes will open up when you mention a high payout. But it doesn’t matter if a referral pays you out $1000. If it doesn’t convert, you make $0. If the CPA is only $50, but you get a sale out of every 30-60 clicks, you’ve got a winner. Now it’s a matter of finding out the ideal place for the link. This goes back to trying different ways to advertise on your site. If a regular banner or link does this type of conversion for you, imagine what a contextual link in a review or a recommendation box might do.

Give It Some Time – Don’t be too impatient if you don’t convert right off the bat. Many affiliates will try out a product on a site, and after a couple hundred hits, pull it because it didn’t convert. Affiliate sites take time to grow, and the conversions are no exception. Remember there is usually a 30-365 day cookie that stays with the audience, so there will definitely be a period of growth. Many customers may not purchase right away, so give it at least a couple of weeks to a month before making drastic changes.

Contact the Affiliate Manager – If the business that offers the products/services that you are promoting cares about their affiliates, they will have a dedicated affiliate manager. Email, call, Skype or chat with them. They are usually happy to give you tips on how to make your site better. I have many affiliates contact me and ask why one of our products isn’t converting well. Many times, it’s the way the product is displayed, so I will give them advice on how to present it to the audience and what they can do to increase conversions. I’ll even help out with some content creation and custom landing pages. It doesn’t hurt to ask if they can do something to help you out. Affiliate managers want to see you succeed, so they will do what they can to help you out and give pointers.

Jason Hong is the Affiliate Manager at InMotion Hosting, a provider of virtual private servers provider based in Los Angeles, CA.  If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate for InMotion Hosting, visit our Web Hosting Affilate Program page for more details.


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The 45 Second That Will Change Your Life

For over 48 years, Don and Nancy Failla have been helping people from all business and educational backgrounds learn how to build their own network marketing businesses. This audio program teaches people the basics of MLM as well as provides insight into all the benefits.

Perhaps you’ve considered starting a network marketing business yourself. Network marketing is a business where you sell and market various products. All you have to do is find a company that you’re comfortable with and confident in and sign up to receive your training materials. Network marketing is one of the most profitable businesses known to man because it allows you to work for yourself at little-to-no cost.

Most people who start small businesses usually end up making huge investments that unfortunately fail due to lack of need or interest from the public. A traditional small business also requires a huge start-up fee, including rental fees. With network marketing, you don’t need any of that. People are saving thousands per month by choosing to get involved in MLM and as a result of good training and a great understanding of how the business works, they’re also making millions.

The 45 Second Presentation gives you small “tidbits” of information through each segment. For those who have never understood exactly what network marketing and how it can benefit them, this product is a gem.

Network marketing is able to provide people with the life they want not only because it gives them the chance to run their own business, but also a chance to be free from their usual work routine. Basically, you work whenever you want. However, you must be careful and refrain from making the mistake of not working at all simply because you own your own business. If nothing else, you must work twice as hard because you’re your own manager. Fortunately, all the hard work pays off in the end.

This program teaches you how to avoid other common mistakes such as avoiding not becoming successful. One of the main reasons why people avoid getting involved in network marketing is because they fear they won’t make any money. There is a difference between those who make millions per month and those who make hundreds – persistence and resilience.

The downside is that you’re going to experience tons of rejection from others, but only because they don’t understand what you’re trying to offer them. Whether you’re trying to help someone else achieve their dreams or sell them a product, chances are at first, they are not going to want anything to do with it. The positive side to all of this is that if you take the time out to explain to them what MLM really is, they’ll want in on it as well.

You’ll need to know as much as possible about network marketing before getting started. Maybe you’re already involved in a network marketing business and simply want to get a handle on things. This business requires that an individual remain constantly motivated with their minds always focused on the end result. It also requires that you possess an intense passion for helping others because if not, your prospects will know that you’re only after their money and they will look in the opposite direction.

The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life will literally remold every aspect of your thinking when it comes to making money and attaining abundance. With a career in network marketing, there is absolutely no way that you can fail as long as you continue to try.

Please visit The Personal Development Company if you would like to learn more about The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life by Don Failla or other self-help products.


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