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Planning a Strategic Office Move

Moving an office can take months of strategic planning. Company moves are not made overnight. When the owner makes the final decision, the planning should begin as early as possible. Delays in the planning can result in major problems and a move that will cost the company additional money.

To ensure the move is smooth and efficient, the owner or the person who is assigned the task will need to consider the entire office as their target audience. Therefore, the target is the staff and the goal or objective is to move the entire office and staff over the weekend. With the right types of planning, each employee will be back at their desk performing regular duties on Monday morning.

One of first steps in the planning process is to draw a layout of the new offices in the new location. The layout should consist of all of the rooms including bathrooms and kitchen areas. The layout should be used to identify the name of the employees that will have specific offices. If there are cubicles in the offices, each cubicle should also be assigned.

Once the assignments have been made and approved, these spaces should be marked and labeled so that everyone will know when they enter into the new areas. The layout will also be used to determine where specific furniture pieces will be placed during the weekend of the move. Copies of the layout with this information should be provided to each employee. Once the layouts have been distributed, the information should be discussed with the staff. This will also give them a chance to give input and if they have questions the layout can be modified prior to the day of the move.

All office equipment should be moved strategically. Since most offices have computers, the technical group that supports the office should also be made aware of the move. This group should be on call during the weekend to make sure all of the computers and the network is up and running by that Monday morning.

The phone company, electric and water companies should also be given prior notice. These services should be turned on prior to that weekend to ensure the move is smooth and without any types of major disruptions. Employees should also prepare for the move by cleaning and throwing away unnecessary items. A move announcement should also be prepared for the clients. This announcement should provide the date, time and the new location.

Mark Gregory is writing on behalf of Capital Office Relocations, who have a number of years experience organising office removals and storage of items. They offer Storage London and West London Removals


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Slick Website Designers: Worth Splashing Out On

No-one can seriously hope to operate as a commercial entity in the current age without having their own website. This rule applies as much to individual traders as it does to substantial heavyweight enterprises employing many people.

Leading UK website designers know that their services are immeasurably beneficial to their clients. The best are never the cheapest, and in selecting a suitable provider to create and maintain a stunning website, the considerations to bear in mind range across the following points:

  • How confident are you that your preferred designer is the ideal project manager for your website?
  • Will your chosen designer do his very best to give you the most professional-looking graphics, page layout, colours, and text placement?
  • Are graphic design skills part of the package?
  • Will you receive a website that is easily navigable, with straightforward cross-referencing of pages?
  • Can you be certain that, beyond the superficial elements, the behind-the-scenes technical wizardry is fully taken care of?
  • Is there a dedicated marketing consultancy service ensuring that your website works well within an overall marketing strategy?
  • How reassured are you that a designer will get more traffic visiting your website?
  • Does the designer let you have the source files? In other words, should you need to make future edits, are the original files at your disposal?

What Might be Missing?

Not all website designers offer all of the skills and services mentioned above, and it may prove prudent to contract out some of the individual tasks. This can be the case where copywriting is concerned. You are likely to have to decide between writing your own text or contracting the services of a professional copywriter. The former is the choice of many starting-up entrepreneurs. It is they, after all, who really know their business inside out. But the question is, “Can the business owner articulate his or her message clearly and engagingly enough?” A good solution is to put together an approximation of the text (known in the trade as “copy”) that you want to see on your site, then to contract a professional to tweak and refine this draft to give you a fluently written, reader-friendly end product.

Website designers who are worth their salt will be able to recommend other professionals to whom you could outsource aspects of the job, including graphic artists and writers.

Paying Attention to the Nitty-Gritty Details

Another basic requirement, which can be overlooked, is ascertaining that you will own your domain name. In all probability, the most important consideration for the prospective client prior to contracting a web design service is cost. As with all services, it makes sense to obtain more than one estimate, in each case requesting a detailed breakdown. You can then decide which, if any, additional features to budget for, such as your own regular newsletter, a blog, auto responder and shopping cart facilities, SEO, etc.

In most cases, the billing method will take the form of monthly charges. It is vital to establish at the outset what is included in the price and what is not, and how billing will be done.

Reputable website designers will be more than happy to direct you towards happy clients, whether current or legacy. Armed with this type of track-record information, you should be on your way to owning the website of your dreams.

Article by Approved Index. Approved Index is a leading online service provider that connects buyers and suppliers for a range of services and equipment such as ecommerce web design


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