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How Meditation Leads to increase Psychic Ability

Do you want to increase your psychic abilities? It can be accomplished through meditation.

Psychic abilities can vary in each individual. We can reach and obtain these psychic abilities by practicing meditation. This has been proven for centuries by monks, holy men, and mystics. Even today, there is a need to want to explore what is beyond our five senses.

Most people are only familiar with their five senses: seeing, hearing, smelling,touching and tasting. These are our natural born abilities. But there are other abilities we have not explored.

You also have a sixth sense. This is called intuition. To those not familiar with pyschic abilities, intuition would be considered a “gut feeling“; or a feeling of “just knowing”.By practicing meditation, we can access and activate our intuitive sixth sense and begin exploring psychic abilities. Psychic abilities are a part of our intuition.

In most people, intution ability is not accessed. It lies dormant, and will never be used to enrich psychic abilities. They either prefer not to think about it or do not know this ability even exits.

If we want to learn more about ourselves and our own awareness, meditation can help us to achieve this purpose. Many practitioners of meditation have discovered their own psychic abilities after building confidence and mental control through the practice of meditation.

Meditation is not unheard of in today’s fast-paced world. With regular meditation we will obtain an energy level that is higher and lower our blood pressure, and reduce stress. It is a discipline of clearing the mind to expore our inner self. It helps us retreat into ourselves and reconnect spiritually, discovering and remembering who we really are. A daily meditation helps us return to our life-renewed and refreshed.

Our inner self comes into focus when we meditate. We can see more clearly and beyond our capabilities. We want to connect with outselves.We can awaken our psychic abilities by meditating and awakening our third eye (pineal gland) also known as the Vision Receptive Area.,and “Eye of the Soul.” It is the easiest way to obtain a meditative state

We can change the way we think with psychic ability and meditation. Taking pyschic development classes will enhance our psychic abilities, along with meditation.It is said that humans have psychic powers we have never discovered within ourselves that have not be used to explore our inner world. Thoughts can remap the physical brain, and rewire our brains.

Did you know psychic abilities can also be opened by traumatic situations? It is an alterned state of consciousness caused by the stress of the trauma.

There is so much to explore of our inner technologies and our psychic minds’ abilities. It is a great adventure in store for those who want to know more about themselves. Just knowing we can find that quiet time of meditation to tune into ourselves to enhance our lives with knowledge that is beyond what we have ever known, waiting to be discovered is a delight in itself.

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Fran Jayne is an article writer from the United Kingdom,is certified student in Spiritual Counseling and Psychics. Fran enjoys writing about these subjects.



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Life Will Get Better With A Psychic

Life Will Get Better With A Psychic

People have been seeking out the advice and counsel of psychics for generations. These individuals have been given the gift of clairvoyance and extraordinary insight, and those who seek them out definitely benefit from those gifts.

Feeling more inspired and positive about life
One of the core principles that psychics operate under is the belief that people are still in tuned with energies from their past lives. With that said, these individuals provide others with information about their previous lives, and help those individuals to learn from those past experiences. This new-found knowledge can help people to feel more in tuned with the parts of themselves that they do not understand. This knowledge is also encouraging to the listener, as it informs him or her of the ability of the soul to persist. Individuals will feel encouraged in knowing that their souls will eventually be able to triumph over life‘s obstacles.

Learning how to cope with grief and anxiety
As clairvoyant individuals are able to see beyond their human senses, medium readings will help individuals by helping them to see the bigger picture. When people grieve the loss of loved ones or situations in their lives, psychics are able to show them that everything in life has a purpose. Psychics are able to get people thinking and allow for them to see things from a different perspective. These individuals are even able to help clients figure out what the purpose behind certain events might be; this allows for that person to lay to rest whatever is troubling them, and allows them to focus on moving forward in life.

Psychics help to improve karma Karma is the belief that thoughts and actions that are produces will have either a negative or positive consequence as a result. Psychics are able to pick up on the energy that a person puts into the atmosphere and explain the potential consequences of that energy. While bad karma can bring about a return of negative energy, psychics are able to instruct people in ways to neutralize that energy; they can also explain ways in which bad karma can be reversed. Psychics are also able to encourage different ways in which an individual can continue to release positive energy into the universe; thus, maintaining the existing good karma that person already has.

Learning what your dreams are saying
All people have dreams, but they are not always understandable. Psychics are able to interpret those dreams for the individual, and explain how those dreams are representations of current situations in life. If these dreams are warning signs from the unconscious, psychics are able to inform someone and suggest ways in which an issue can be resolved. Psychics will provide insight into the dreamer’s mind and allow for them to use these dreams as tools to improve his or her life.

Receiving messages from beyond the grave
Mediums are able to get in contact with spirits that have passed away from the world of the living. These spirits may be able to give the individual peace of mind, or even provide answers to those questions that went unanswered while they were alive. These last chance communications

Jane, psychic from England and tarot reading expert.


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