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It continues: How to defraud a bank, or steal your own money?

Security is a joke.  In my last blog I related the sophisticated scam that basically had me divulging my security information to my Chase Visa.  As I mentioned, I called into the company and had customer service verify that the form had come from them before I filled it out.

When I did fill it out and it bounced, I returned to be forwarded to technical support where the  information was quite different:  there was a virus in my computer and it had indeed been compromised.

Thanks to trial-ware from AVG my little  workstation is now virus free and my accounts secure, right?  Well my credit card may or may not be (TBD), but my bank is giving me nightmares.

Last Thursday when the great security information heist occurred, the credit card canceled and my initial hysteria somewhat abated, my bank was called.  There were great assurances that the current security information would be rendered invalid My mother’s maiden name (never did like it anyway) and my Social Security number were to be expunged from all existing, or pre-existing, records and a new Steve Ulrich would appear before the great financial stagecoach of Wells Fargo – therefore the rest of the world as well.

Sound good?  My trip to the bank was fairly uneventful as the request was processed by a young pert “employee of the month” type loan officer.  She recorded the entire solid tale, documenting the 8×10 color glossy photographs with the circles and arrows….. (sorry Arlow) in fine form and had me on my way in no time.  She offered to send me my new checkbooks and account information through the US Mail, I declined, opting to fetch them in person yesterday.

The approaching moment of my appointment to become financially whole again, combined with my new “low fat” diet, had my heart racing like a hamster on a treadmill.  She produced a checkbook, savings deposit book, and a cute smile.  I inquired as to the status of my investment account and was informed that this could now be handled online, that the security status of that had been taken off hold, and that new ATM cards were in the mail and would arrive at my home (whether I was there or not) within three days with the new PIN number sent in a separate mailing to the same mailbox.

The thing that scared me the most was the following:

  1. The mail is delivered at noon, I arrive home from work around 6:00 pm every day.
  2. The information that was compromised included my address
  3. My internet account was re-activated

I guess I’ll try the supervisor of the customer service desk today to see if all of this can be undone and my funds protected.  Wish me luck, and the same to you.

They thought my grandmother eccentric for stuffing $100 bills in her mattress  – HUH!


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