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When You’re Ready to Reboot

By the time you reach adulthood you’ve doubtless faced a lot of changes in your life. In line with the natural order of things we tend to experience successes and gains, but also great loss. If change has come upon you due to things like the kids moving out or going through divorce, you may feel like the life you have is no longer the one you want. The upside is that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself. Any number of steps, both big and small, can help you give your life a reboot; here are just a few…

Change your look.

Sure, it may sound simple but what better way to embrace inner change than by changing your appearance? First envision the new you you want to become and then have that picture reflected in everything, from your wardrobe to your hair. Ditching the corporate job to become a visual artist? Guess you won’t need those power suits any longer. Trading in the McMansion for an Airstream and a dream? Then you might want to consider an easy-to-manage hairstyle and high performance clothes that are suited for adventure. Or maybe you’ve always been a brunette and you think auburn might better reflect your new zest for life; it doesn’t have to be completely drastic but your new style should herald change.

Move to a new town.

Still feeling constricted by a well-meaning community that thinks it knows you? If your attempts at bringing positive change into your life consistently meet resistance from friends and family then you may want to consider moving. This is no small change, that’s for sure, but there are few things more liberating than being able to go to a new place and start fresh. Imagine your life becoming a blank canvas just waiting for new vivid patterns of color. Lifelong friends will always be there, no matter what the geographical distance; whereas the naysayers delivering the negative energy will simply fall away.

Go back to school.

Higher education is a terrific way to give your life a positive charge. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn more about photography, or dance, or theatre; why not take this time to feed your mind and soul? You’ll not only learn remarkable things about your subject of interest, you’ll also surround yourself with people from all walks of life. When done strictly for yourself higher education can be an incredibly expansive experience. Granted, you might feel a little out of place at first but when you really look around and get to know other students you’ll find any number of things you have in common with them. You’ll also feel good that you’re making real steps toward improving your life. And if you’re prone to brooding, school will keep you far too busy to mull over those “what ifs” in life. However you choose to revamp your life, try approaching it remembering that this is not a dress rehearsal and that you were born to shine. So what changes do you see coming?

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