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It’s All Geek to Me

Many people earn degrees based on their interests, it only makes sense, right? However, let’s face it, not everyone has same interest and maybe your run slightly (or highly) more to the nerd side. Sure you would love to be musician or draw concept art for car makers, but that just isn’t your thing. You are far more into Dungeons and Dragons than designing buildings. If so, here are some degrees you might like.

Astronomy – If you wish you could boldly go where no man has gone before, well now you can, at least in your mind. If long night and large telescopes intrigue you then why not study astronomy?  Granted, this can be pretty intense and mind boggling at times but deep down inside, you know you would love every minute of it. You might even get lucky and discover a planet or an asteroid about to hit the earth.

Physics – Physics and any other type of physics have a lot of overlap. If you like colliding invisible particles in multi-billion dollar pieces of equipment then you should love this field.  If you know what a mass spectrometer is, or how to use one then you definitely need to major in this.  Once again, this is no casual stroll through academic America, it is pretty tough stuff to wrap your head around, but you can do it. Just don’t look too closely too quantum physics, that stuffs insane.

Math – If you are math addict then you have little choice but to major in math. For some reason, geeks everywhere seem to love this subject and somehow they actually understand it.  Teaching would be your most likely option, but if you learn your advanced stuff you could get into programming, code breaking or the exciting world of accounting. If this isn’t for you, do what I did and go for…

History – On the entirely different end of the nerd mass spectrometer you can delve into the depths of history and the liberal arts. Learn about the battles epic battles with knights and maybe reenact some of them yourself.  Antiquities, artifacts and folklore are yours to master. You can even specialize in a military masters degree. If worst-comes-to-worst, you could at least get a job at Medieval Times.

Which bring us to literature, the cute, shy sister of history. Everyone has seen a bookworm or two in their lives. You know, they are always reading. They read in the car, they read while working out, they read while they eat and they fall asleep while reading. Are all books nerdy? No, but most are. For those who love to explore the vast plains of the unbridled imagination then literature is for you.

Which leaves us to the more important and eternal question, what will you do with these degrees? Well, it is true that many people end up doing something not related to their degree at all, teaching is the most obvious choice. You can go and be an inspiring influence and younger nerds who were once just like yours and let them see just where they will end up.

Jeff Jordan lives, breathes and writes in sunny Southern California. He mainly writes about education. automobiles, navy education, real estate and pop culture.  He would write about romance and dating but sadly knows nothing about it.


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A Day That Will Change Your Life Forever

There are many different turning points in life that involve a choice or decision to be made.  This choice or decision will affect the course your life takes.  Therefore, it is important to make the right choice. Otherwise, you may face future regrets, sadness, and/or anger.

Any specific moment or event can provide someone with the motivation to make life altering changes.  Sometimes that one moment is necessary for that person to make a monumental change. Perhaps it will be the result of an occurrence that affects another, or perhaps it will be something you experienced yourself. Keep in mind that when they happen, these life-changing epiphanies can be good or bad in themselves.

Perhaps even more interesting, some life changing events that affect just a single individual may, in the long run, result in major changes within a society. A good example was the epiphany in physics that struck Albert Einstein while riding in a public conveyance which, in turn, became the formula E=MC2.  The day that Einstein had this life changing idea that catapulted him to worldwide fame and acclaim, also has affected society overall.

From a more individualized perspective, some rather simple things can result in life-changing perspectives. These include a marriage; a divorce; a career change; the birth or death of a child; a decision about education or even a winning lottery ticket or sizeable inheritance. In addition, more than one young person who has made bad decisions about drugs, hung out with the wrong crowd or gone to jail and then ‘seen the light’ and made better decisions for the future, have in fact experienced life changing days.

Another good case in point can be confirmed by alcoholics and drug addicts who finally came to realize that only getting clean could restore them to a decent life. And it works both ways, too. This author had a very-good friend who was the executive VP of a major New York advertising agency

At the age of 45 he was married, had a lovely wife and three wonderful children, a beautiful home in suburban New York City and a 6 figure salary. After becoming involved with his 20 year old Secretary, he began using cocaine. The day he chose to take up with the young woman and use drugs changed his entire life and the lives of his family.

Six months into this illicit relationship, this gentleman lost his job, wife and mistress and was also blackballed in the advertising industry. He lost his home, was divorced and had children who wouldn’t even speak to him. What a marvelous example of how a negative decision made one day was in fact life changing for him and his entire family. The word is that he never recovered and was unable to turn the situation around.

We all come to crossroads where a single decision can have life changing results. And these can be changes for the good—or for the bad.  The point here is that wisdom mandates carefully considering many of the decisions we make in life rather than acting rashly without careful consideration.

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