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5 Steps to an Amazing Company Blog

images (4)Blogging is one of the world’s most powerful mediums. It has changed the way that we send and receive information, and it has dramatically altered the face of news reporting. Because of blogging, if you have something to say, you can say it to millions, and you do not first have to get approval from editors, bosses, or anyone at all. However, because of the millions who are trying to get their voice heard, it becomes that much more difficult to stand out from the crowd. In order to do so, you have to make sure that you create the best blog that you can. So to help you out, here are five steps towards creating an amazing blog.


1. Find Your Hook

Your chances of having a successful blog will increase if you can find a specific niche to write on. Unless you are a celebrity already, there are not many people who will be interested in reading a miscellaneous collection of your thoughts. But if you focus it on one specific topic, be it a certain sport or team, politics, or a hobby, you will attract people who share a similar interest. The main thing to remember when choosing your topic is to make it something about which you are passionate, as that will keep you interested and produce your best writing.


2. Interesting Content

Once you have your topic, you need to start generating interesting content. The content is the main thing that drives traffic to your blog, so make sure that you come up with articles that are compelling and shareable. When you do this, people will want to share your work with others and you will receive more readers.


3. A Good Design

It might sound superficial, but a good design can be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful blog. Sometimes when something is difficult to look at, it can be tough to get past it and pay attention to the content. You can draw people to your blog through appealing design and interesting images. Get a photo editor and create some interesting unique images. These can then be shared on places such as Pinterest and Facebook, and drive traffic to your site.


4. Create Blog Partnerships

Blogging is something of an online community. When you write a blog that fits into a particular niche, you can reach out to others in the same niche, and rather than viewing them as competitors, treat them as partners. You can then help each other out by sending people to each others’ sites, and featuring posts from guest writers.


5. Use Social Media

Social media is the best way to interact with your followers, as well as pick up potential followers. Make use of every avenue, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Also, submit your articles to sites such as Reddit and StumbleUpon. These sorts of sites will encourage readers to visit your blog and increase the chances of them staying to browse.



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Hello? Is My Marketing On? How To Choose The Right SEO Company


As you work to establish yourself as an online presence, you may wonder what you can do to make your website more visible and attractive to web users. In fact, you may already be aware of traditional SEO strategies such as using keywords, having a solid yet simple domain name, and utilizing email marketing. However, as valuable as these strategies are, there’s a new trend in online marketing. While you contemplate the best suggestions to use for directing traffic to your website and establish your venture online, you would do well to rely on someone that can help you with SMI strategies. SMI (Search Marketing Integration) is a basically a combination of search engine and social strategies.

Changes To SEO And Search Methods

Being aware of the role of SMI in today’s online marketing will allow you to reach more potential clients and expand your existing customer base. Being open to the changes in online marketing and allowing an SEO company, such as Everspark Interactive, to guide you in utilizing their services to your advantage can help you survive as an online presence, despite the ever-changing climate of Internet marketing.

Discovering The Role Of Social Networking

It used to be that social networking sites were viewed as novelties and, in fact, insignificant to an online company’s survival. People went to these sites to play games, post messages to friends, and fill up time as they browsed the Internet. Now, however, social networking sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and others play a major role in how well a company survives among its online competitors.

Establishing social networking accounts should be one of your primary goals as an online entrepreneur. Keeping these accounts active, relevant and updated as much as possible should also remain one of your top priorities. You can maintain your social media presence when you follow the advice outlined by a good SEO company.

The Value Of People Over Traditional SEO Methods

As SEO evolves, you need to be aware that search engines are changing in the way that they rank websites. Major search engines like Google and Bing are placing more favor on websites which are established on these social media sites and garner significant attention from the public. In essence, your website can achieve a higher search engine ranking if you are able to get more Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, Google +1s, reposts on Tumblr and other favorable reviews on social media sites. Demonstrations that people like your company, your posts, your products, and any other activities that you share through social networking place you in higher regards with search engine companies.

In fact, it is now common knowledge that this SMI strategy places a higher value on people rather than traditional search algorithms. For that reason, you would do well to ensure your survival, if not your prosperity online if you rely on an SEO company to show you how to utilize social networking to your advantage. Without using these social networking sites to your favor, you could jeopardize your venture’s livelihood online.

SEO methods that were valid and useful three or four years ago are now being integrated with SMI strategies. As online marketing strategies change, you can ensure your success as an online presence by relying on a knowledgeable and experienced SEO company to help you attract people to your website.

Nadine Swayne writes this article to inform business owners of the importance of effective marketing. The SEO specialists at Everspark Interactive bring top ranking and innovative SEO techniques to the table for their clients. They strive to be the eyes and ears of your overall online strategy.

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How Businesses Can Take Advantages Of QR Codes

QR codes (aka Quick Response Codes) can help you provide customers and potential customers with instant access to your services online. QR codes are often displayed in magazines, newspapers, mail, and even some retail establishments. The idea of a QR code is to complement your ad and allow your customer to learn more or to complete a speficic action (e.g. redeem a coupon, join a mailing list, place a purchase, etc…).

Benefits of QR Codes

These computer-generated images are basically direct links to particular mobile websites that you set up to coincide with the message of your QR code. Using QR codes minimises the time spent on typing in web addresses or URL’s. Potential customers are able to scan QR codes with their smartphones, and are directed to the intended online destination. When scanning the QR code the customer is presented more information about upcoming events sponsored by your campaign, provided more information about your services or offered more information about your product.

How it works

By placing QR codes in the right locations, your proposal, service, or offering will attract more leads or customers. Using their smartphone’s QR code scanner application, they simply scan the image, and the desired information is displayed almost instantly on their smartphone. One thing that you should not do, while using QR codes as your way of advertising, is to cluster the images any and everywhere without purpose or cause. Use QR codes to allow your audience to take a specific action.

Placement is one of the most important aspects of QR codes. You should make sure that people that will be most interested in your products, services or offers are viewing your content. Your marketing campaign is used to persuade your audience, as well as to inform them of any upcoming promotions or events.


As we said before, putting a QR Code randomly in your ad with no purpose will likely result in very few amount of people actually scanning it. If you want to maximize your returns, ask people to scan the QR code for a specific reason (aka incentive). Example: let them know that the only way they can redeem a coupon or take advantage of a special offer is by scanning the code.

QR codes on Pinterest

While many teachers have already learned the value of QR codes on Pinterest for their classrooms, the business community is quickly catching up. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media forums. On Pinterest you are allowed you to deliver significant images and videos to your supporters, and increases your ability to set up or grow a social network. QR codes give your customers a direct link to whatever messages you are trying to give. While you are extremely limited in the amount of words you can use on Pinterest, you should try to explain to your audience exactly what the QR code will link them to and the benefits of scanning it.

Growing a Mailing List

If you are trying to grow an email list, a QR code may be the perfect answer for you. This feature is ideal for your marketing campaign. These QR codes allow supporters and customers to join mailing lists by using their mobile devices decoder application. More people than ever before are using their mobile phones to surf the web so do not overlook the potential of marketing in this way. Once the customer scans the QR code they can become members of your email list and receive newsletters and other valuable information.

Increase your Fanbase with QR Codes

Directing supporters and potential supporters to your website using QR codes saves you time and is a quick way to obtain likes and followers, on popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. A QR code can be used as a direct link to your Facebook and Twitter page and This is a direct link to your campaign and gives supporters and inquirers a chance to view any posts, images, or uploaded videos on your Facebook or Twitter page.

When using QR Codes as part of your marketing, it is important to use your imagination to come up with a way to seamlessly integrate the code within your ad. Check out some great examples of QR Code usage here.

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Marie Maslow is a tech enthusiast that enjoys writing about technology and marketing.



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How To Make Your Business Card Stand Out

Empty business card with diary and penNetworking remains one of the best ways to get your name out into the professional world. Even with social media, personal contact and meetups with new consumers, clients, or business partners is essential. Having a business card in hand can provide these potential contacts with all your personal information. However, for each contact you make, the ore your name is competing with other potential customers or clients. Here are tips to make your business cards stand out from others.

Visual Stimulation
A simple business card with your name and contacts does not stipulate people enough to remember you in a large stack of business cards. Try to add style to your card with graphics, a picture of yourself, or a picture that can start a conversation. In addition, the business card could show examples of your brand, the goods you sell, or the services you provide so a contact can associate you and your card with your specific niche. Using bold colors and having a good finish and feel to the material of the card will also help.

List all Pertinent Contacts
Do not bombard the contact with a business card that has dozens of ways to contact you. Do not list your cell phone, several e-mail addresses, your website, your social media accounts, your blog and your fax number. Instead, only list all the platforms you use the most for communications. Also, try to list contacts that might get potential clients or consumers interested in your brand. Your blog or video channel might be more interesting to put on the card since these websites can help the client see what your brand or business is all about.

Social Media Connections
A good business card should list the pertinent social media accounts you are on. Since social media is becoming a prominent vehicle for business, showing any contact that you have a social media presence shows that you are maintaining unique business communications with consumers. Examples may include a Facebook page address for your brand or business, a Twitter account for your tweets, a YouTube channel for your videos, a Pinterest board for all your media, etc. Try not to list too many social media connections on the card since there is not enough space. In addition, only list business social media accounts, especially if you want to keep your personal profiles private.

Craft Cards for Events
Instead of having a pile of business cards to provide at any encounter, you should have a set of cards you provide for specific events. More casual, networking events can include more relaxed cards that are graphics rich. More professional events may require cards with staple attributes, like a business logo, professional fonts, and strong logos.

Create Unique Cards
Sometimes a plain old business card does not cut it. To really stand out from others, many professionals craft unique packages with contact information. You can create little brochures or tiny notebooks that explain yourself and your brand. In addition, you can provide clients office goods that have your brand and contact on them, like a notepad or post-it-notes with your brand name and contact information.

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John Lucas, is an aspiring business entrepreneur. For his social events, he relies on for affordable online printing service.



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Practical Facts About Facebook and Twitter


Knowing how the Facebook and Twitter audience behaves, when they check their posts, where they update their information (via mobile or laptop?) and what they like, provides invaluable information to help you cater your posts towards your market.

We have some interesting data to share with you, gathered from the latest studies regarding these two giant social media communities.

How Many Are On Facebook and Twitter?

Together, Facebook and Twitter have more than 1 billion users. While there may be duplication (some have both a Twitter and Facebook account), the number is still impressive. Facebook is responsible for over 800 million while Twitter covers more than 100 million users.

For Facebook, here are some interesting facts:

United States of America accounts for just over 50% of the Facebook population

-Over 40% of Facebook users login to their accounts on a daily basis

– 30% of Facebook users check their accounts via their mobile devices

– At least 40% of the Facebook population is a fan of at least one brand and more than 50% of them will purchase that product Over at Twitter world, we have the following stats:

– Only 27% of the Twitter population go online every day, note that this includes branded accounts that post on a daily basis

– But a nice 37% of the total Twitter population check their accounts via mobile (a slight increase from the Facebook side)

– More than half of those that login daily will update their status for that day, so there’s a high response or reaction rate for those who are logging in daily.

How Are Their Spending Habits Online?

In both cases, more than half of the Facebook and Twitter users who have at least one product in their following list will purchase that brand. Although this does not mean that they will buy it online, there is a strong connection to their purchasing power and their social media affiliation.

The more enticing photos you post, the more likely they will want to get to know your product and the more likely they will make a purchase, whether offline or online. It would help if you have an online store to link to, so that it will be a very user friendly browsing and shopping experience for them.

Who Are You Talking To Via Facebook?

If you want to get to know your fans and friends on Facebook, note that this is the demographic of the users today:

– A big bulk of Facebook users are within the 18 to 34 age group, with almost 30% within the 18 to 25 years range.

– Gender is almost evenly split into two – 56% are female.

– Half of the Facebook population belongs to the mid-range income range.

But don’t despair if your product is high end since brand recognition is still important. Plus, once in a while, those in the mid range income bracket splurge on items.

Who Are You Talking To Via Twitter?

When it comes to Twitter, this is who you are talking to:

– Gender split is almost even, too, with 52% female population

– The income bracket is slightly lower than Facebook

These simple facts will give you a better understanding of your audience and more of an idea to direct your campaigns over these popular social networking sites.

HomePage Development offers personalised, hands-on SEO training, which will help you boost your online presence.



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3 Simple Marketing Ideas You Need to Start Doing For Your Business

One thing I’ve never heard anyone complain about is having too many sales. Now, your business can certainly grow more quickly than you expected, and you may have to find ways to scale it and keep up, but in all actuality, who isn’t looking to boost sales a bit?

There are some things that you can do right this very moment that can help increase your brand awareness, and pull customers in from sources that you otherwise may not have.

Here are 3 simple ideas that you can implement into your marketing plan immediately:

1. Start using coupon sites. This is a strategy that I started awhile back, after I started inserting coupon codes on some of the standard business promotion sites, like Manta and Merchant Circle, offering discounts on orders at my website. When I saw the codes being used by my customers quite frequently, I decided to see where else I could place coupons for my company.

Do a search for coupon sites in your favorite search engine, and start visiting these pages. Some of them have quirky hoops that you need to jump through in order to get a coupon listed, but many of them allow just about anyone to add a coupon for any store, both online and offline. Some of my favorites that I have seen some good return on, and were easy to submit my coupon codes to, are, hotfrog,, and coupon chief.

2. Start Pinning on Pinterest. Ok, so this is a simple marketing strategy that you should be using if your particular niche is catered to women. Pinterest is an image-sharing platform that has taken social media by storm. 90% of its users are female.

Create a pin board, using product images and other interesting content, in hopes that it will go viral. Infographics, which are a hot marketing tool, are great for pushing out on Pinterest.

3. Start “thanking” your customers. Well, you should be doing this literally all the time. However, do you ever make that extra effort to wow your customers?

Show them how much you appreciate their business, and surprise them with complimentary items when they place a big order with you. Also be sure to take care of the customers that have been loyal to you for a long time. They may place smaller orders, but the fact that they have consistently done so for a few years, certainly deserves recognition with a small token of your appreciation. Sending a “thank you” note, along with a gift card for gas, movies, coffee or books, in their order or out-of-the-blue, will go a long way with a customer.

Gestures like this will be remembered by them when it comes time to reorder, and one of your competitors is offering a better price. Many consumers will go with a business they feel comfortable with, and who they know will treat them well, even if it means paying a few dollars more. It can also help to smooth things over a bit if/when there may be a customer service problem in the future.

I know there are many other things that go into a marketing plan, but start implementing these tactics, and I guarantee you’ll start attracting more buyers.

John Ehlenbeck is a small business owner, and contributing writer for Aprimo Marketing Automation Software.


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