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Project Management, Leadership: All Skills Which Can Be Developed Whilst You Are Studying At University

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Your time at your university is spent preparing for the rest of your life once you graduate, and while most of this learning is done in the classroom, there is plenty that you can learn outside the classroom, as well. If you are going to school for business, there are a number of skills that you’re going to need in the business world which can be learned outside of class while you’re at university. Leadership skills and project management are two of the main skills which can be learned.


Learning Leadership Skills at University

Leadership is one of the easiest skills to develop. If you are ever given a group project, this is the perfect opportunity to step up and cement yourself as the leader of the group so that you can then delegate tasks to the other members of the group and learn those important leadership skills. In addition, you could host a study group for a big upcoming test and take the leadership role in that environment, as well. Both of these scenarios will allow you to hone your leadership skills; you can figure out how to motivate others and command them.

Learning Project Management Skills at University

University in itself is a giant project that needs to be managed. You have to balance studying, homework, class time, work, your social life and more all at once, and learning how to organize yourself to get through this alive will help you immensely once you get started in your career. In addition, you can use those project management skills in your group projects and study groups as well- any situation where you are working with multiple people, you can flex your brain and put these skills to use, so it’s good to always keep that in mind.

Other Opportunities to Hone your Skills

In addition to study groups and group projects, there are plenty of other opportunities for you to use your project management and leadership skills. Look for volunteer opportunities and ask your boss at your current job if there is any additional responsibility that you can take on for an opportunity to work on your skills. There are opportunities almost everywhere you look, the key is to know how to make them work and how to apply your leadership and project management skills so that they are developed in the best way possible.

Start Developing your Skills Today

As you’ve seen, there is definitely plenty of opportunity to build your leadership and project management skills while you’re at university. You can rest assured that this will help make you a better candidate once you start applying for jobs, and it also gives you some great answers to interview questions when you’re asked how you have shown competency in these areas in the past. Overall, just remember to look at everything as an opportunity to better yourself in some way, and you should have no problem coming out of college with a lot more than just a degree.

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Understanding The Document Translation Process

Document TranslationTranslating a document is an exacting and detailed process. Responsibility and accountability needs to be fixed to avoid any problems at a later date, and a professional translation company always presents its clients with a flowchart that specifies the translation process.

You, as a client, should be aware of how the process flows, and therefore, here are the steps involved:

Document Authoring – This is the client’s responsibility. If the original document contains flaws and has to go back for a second translation, the client has to bear the additional charges. The client must also hand over reference materials, if any.

Scope Of Work – This is jointly discussed and finalized by the client and the translation vendor in an online or physical meeting. The document is assessed beforehand by the vendor and its translation complexity is discussed with the client. The scope of work is formulated and both client and vendor have to agree on it in this meeting.

Quotation and Schedules – The vendor then has to provide a cost and time estimate to the client. The estimate must include all the milestones discussed in the “scope of work” meeting.

Client Agrees – The client reviews the estimates and signs off (or suggests and discusses changes). He should hand over all documents and reference papers to the vendor after he gives the green light.

Project Setup – The vendor than sets up a team for the project. A project manager heads the job and translators, proof readers, DTP pros and reviewers have to report to him. The files are prepared and readied for document translation, work is assigned, and schedules are fixed. The client should have a quick chat with the project manager before work starts to make sure that the project is setup per the scope of work.

Translation and Review – The translation work begins now. Certified and experienced translators work on the document. They have to follow the scope of work and the project manager’s instructions. Once they are done, another certified and experienced translator reviews the original and translated documents. A review is required because the vendor must ensure that the translated document is accurate.

Desktop Publishing – After review, the final translated document is sent for professional desktop publishing. The document is typeset and proofed.

Client Review – The document is then reviewed and desktop-published once again after changes. If considered necessary, it is sent to the client for review. This step may not be required unless specified in the scope of work. You should insist that this first-cut is delivered to you for review.

Feedback – Client feedback is obtained and changes are made. Notes that specify that the changes have been requested by the client (if at all) are added in the project report.

Desktop Publishing – The final document is desktop published as per the client’s special instructions.

Proofing and Final Formatting – The document is proofed and then typeset once again. The project manager ensures that all changes have been implemented and the output is delivered to the client.

These are the steps in a document translation process.

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Slick Website Designers: Worth Splashing Out On

No-one can seriously hope to operate as a commercial entity in the current age without having their own website. This rule applies as much to individual traders as it does to substantial heavyweight enterprises employing many people.

Leading UK website designers know that their services are immeasurably beneficial to their clients. The best are never the cheapest, and in selecting a suitable provider to create and maintain a stunning website, the considerations to bear in mind range across the following points:

  • How confident are you that your preferred designer is the ideal project manager for your website?
  • Will your chosen designer do his very best to give you the most professional-looking graphics, page layout, colours, and text placement?
  • Are graphic design skills part of the package?
  • Will you receive a website that is easily navigable, with straightforward cross-referencing of pages?
  • Can you be certain that, beyond the superficial elements, the behind-the-scenes technical wizardry is fully taken care of?
  • Is there a dedicated marketing consultancy service ensuring that your website works well within an overall marketing strategy?
  • How reassured are you that a designer will get more traffic visiting your website?
  • Does the designer let you have the source files? In other words, should you need to make future edits, are the original files at your disposal?

What Might be Missing?

Not all website designers offer all of the skills and services mentioned above, and it may prove prudent to contract out some of the individual tasks. This can be the case where copywriting is concerned. You are likely to have to decide between writing your own text or contracting the services of a professional copywriter. The former is the choice of many starting-up entrepreneurs. It is they, after all, who really know their business inside out. But the question is, “Can the business owner articulate his or her message clearly and engagingly enough?” A good solution is to put together an approximation of the text (known in the trade as “copy”) that you want to see on your site, then to contract a professional to tweak and refine this draft to give you a fluently written, reader-friendly end product.

Website designers who are worth their salt will be able to recommend other professionals to whom you could outsource aspects of the job, including graphic artists and writers.

Paying Attention to the Nitty-Gritty Details

Another basic requirement, which can be overlooked, is ascertaining that you will own your domain name. In all probability, the most important consideration for the prospective client prior to contracting a web design service is cost. As with all services, it makes sense to obtain more than one estimate, in each case requesting a detailed breakdown. You can then decide which, if any, additional features to budget for, such as your own regular newsletter, a blog, auto responder and shopping cart facilities, SEO, etc.

In most cases, the billing method will take the form of monthly charges. It is vital to establish at the outset what is included in the price and what is not, and how billing will be done.

Reputable website designers will be more than happy to direct you towards happy clients, whether current or legacy. Armed with this type of track-record information, you should be on your way to owning the website of your dreams.

Article by Approved Index. Approved Index is a leading online service provider that connects buyers and suppliers for a range of services and equipment such as ecommerce web design


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