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Brand Marketing Through The Psychology Of Persuasion

images (2)Would you like to push your brand to the forefront of your market’s collective consciousness? Do you want your customers to be able to instantly recognize your business when they see your company logo? Do you wish that your audience could immediately recall your business’s slogan?

These goals define the core purpose of advertising your brand. Brand marketing is a way to separate your company from your competitors, much like a brand placed on cattle is used to distinguish one rancher’s animals from those owned by another. In many ways, your brand represents your business’s identity. It’s a component of your company’s story, a symbol that reminds your market about the experience of doing business with you. Pushing your brand to the front of your customer’s mind is a matter of increasing the number of times he or she is exposed to it.

Many years ago, a professor of psychology named Dr. Robert Cialdini authored a book titled “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.” He described several principles that explain why people behave the way they do. Dr. Cialdini’s book quickly became a hit among advertisers and brand marketers for its insights into the consumer’s mind. Below, we’ll take a brief look at the 6 principles outlined in his book.


Cialdini explained that the act of giving something to someone creates a feeling of obligation on the part of the recipient. With that in mind, consider promotional items, such as customized stickers and t-shirts with your company name and logo imprinted on them. Giving these items to your customers may be all that is required to spur their use. Before long, you might see your logo prominently displayed on laptops, skateboards, cars, and on the backs of your audience.

Commitment And Consistency

People tend to behave in ways that are consistent with the image they have displayed to others. For example, a woman who prides herself on punctuality might go to great lengths to avoid being late for meetings. Similarly, a man who wants his friends to consider him honest will refrain from lying or withholding pertinent information.

By building on past commitments, brand marketers can influence their audiences to make larger commitments. For instance, consider a customer who has your company’s car magnet stuck to the inside of his vehicle’s window. This individual is likely to be more receptive to wearing a custom t-shirt displaying the same information than a person who has not made a prior commitment. Doing so implies consistency.

Social Proof

A basic human trait is to look to others for direction regarding what is appropriate behavior. If an individual sees other people taking a particular action, he begins to feel as if he should do so, as well.

This aspect of psychology can be a powerful tool for improving brand awareness.

Let’s return to the example of giving promotional items to customers. The more people who place custom stickers on their belongings, the greater the likelihood their peers will do the same. The more customers who wear t-shirts emblazoned with your company’s logo, the more inclined those who come into contact with them will be to mirror the behavior.

This can significantly boost the momentum and success of your brand marketing campaign.


In his book, Cialdini explains that people are more likely to listen to someone, and follow his or her directions, if they perceive that individual to be an authority. Studies have shown this to be true when people encounter doctors, lawyers, politicians, and others who seem to be “in charge” of a given situation.

The marketing value of this psychological trait can be observed in companies’ use of celebrities to promote their products. Even though a particular celebrity may have little expertise with the product in question – for example, Jamie Lee Curtis promoting Honda vehicles – people are inclined to listen to them. This is the reason celebrities are aggressively pursued by companies to sign product endorsement deals.


People are more receptive to the influence of those they like. A long-time friend is more persuasive than a stranger. This is one of the underlying principles of most network marketing programs. Participants are encouraged to promote products to their friends and family members in order to leverage their existing relationships.

In the context of brand marketing, companies can focus their efforts on winning over influencers, and turning them into fans. Those influencers may then go on to promote the companies to their own networks. The influencers’ friends are more likely to be persuaded through such word-of-mouth advertising than a formal marketing campaign.


A perception of scarcity will oftentimes prompt people to take an action they might otherwise have delayed. The reason is due to a fear of missing out on a coveted item or deal. An example would be a department store sale. Items temporarily marked down in price tend to sell more quickly because customers fear losing the chance to take advantage of a bargain.

Companies often exploit this psychological trait to hasten sales or increase sales volume. For example, prices may be slashed dramatically for a short period of time. Limited inventories may be revealed to communicate scarce supplies.

Dr. Cialdini’s principles of persuasion offer enormous value for small businesses trying to build awareness around their brands. Savvy companies with limited budgets can leverage the six insights above using custom printed t-shirts, stickers, car magnets, and other low-cost promotional items.

The author has spent the last 15 years working as a marketing and branding expert for major fortune 1000 companies. Currently he is working with in a cross promotional venture for promoting promotional products and accessories



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Designing Promotional Products for Your Brand

promotional-productsA company needs to make creative, exceptional designs that grab the attention of customers. One of the most effectual ways to develop a commendable brand is to hand out promotional products. Promotional products are items that appeal to different types of customers. Tangible items are used to spread important messages to as many people as possible. A good graphic design service uses the art of visuals to represent your company.

Radio, television and newspapers are the most well-known forms of media, but promotional merchandise is a unique form that is just as effective. One product has a bold, colourful imprint of your company’s logo. Typical items include pens, coffee mugs, shirts and tote bags. Each promotional item must have the company’s logo and contact details. This type of product works much like a business card. People who like nice things to carry around will love this type of merchandise.

Using a graphic designer is not a luxury for many companies. Using a professional is the only way to complete a serious project. There are a few tips that should be followed to find the most creative and efficient designer.

Here are some tips to help your life a little easier:

  • The most important step is to review the portfolios of designers. Some are specially trained to work for companies of certain types or sizes. There are different specialties of graphic design, such as brochures, slogans, websites and corporate identity.
  • If a portfolio looks impressive, the next step is to talk about the project and ask a long list of questions. Before a contract is signed, it must contain a good outline of the work, including the cost estimate and deadline. Half of the bill is paid, and the rest is paid after the print work is done.
  • The client and designer must convene regularly to make sure that the right steps are being made. A real professional accepts feedback well and makes a series of suggestions. Setting up several meetings is the only way to create an optimal design.

Of course, using a graphic design service to create hats, shirts and coffee mugs is not required. However, promotional marketing increases the honour and professionalism of any business. A company that makes and sells products will seem more productive. This is similar to designing a website that is full of videos and pictures. Customers are impressed by any company that promotes a long line of merchandise made in different colours, styles and designs.

This great tip was brought to you by Belinda Wright, a graphic designer and artist for Kwik Kopy Corporate design and Printing solutions. Belinda likes writing blogs that focuses on creative graphic designs.



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What Does A Great Promotional Product Say About Your Company?

Many differences in life – value, opinion, etc. – can be whittled down to perception; we all perceive things differently, and perception tends to be subjective in most cases. Determining value of an object or idea in the world of business can be a divisive issue – ask the financial manager what defines a valuable promotional product, and they will likely say getting the most mileage for the lowest possible investment cost. Pose the same question to the head of marketing and they’ll probably tell you it’s a promotional giveaway item that sells your brand via word of mouth.

Finally, ask the recipient of the promotional gift, and they’ll tell you that it should be something that’s useful and/or entertaining.

With a multitude of differing opinions, where does the truth lie? Here’s the thing – a great promotional item should meet all three requirements, not simply cater to one of them. The trick is to find something that encompasses all three. Keep the following in mind when you’re looking for the next great promotional item to assist in building your company’s reputation.

Familiarity – Research Your Target Market

Having a great promo item doesn’t mean much if you don’t know who to give it to. Knowing who you are specifically targeting with your promotional items, and why, is very important – ask yourself two questions when considering a promotional item:  Will the product capture the recipient’s attention and/or interest? Will it establish a positive association between the recipient and your business?

Spending some time researching your target market may also help you come up with additional ideas. For example, your research may indicate that your target market enjoys the outdoor activities. You can then focus your search for promotional products accordingly by choosing things that cater towards those interests.

Spare No Expense Or Come In On Budget?

It doesn’t help to covet a fantastic promotional product if it’s ultimately going to crush your budget. If you’ve just got to have it, what will happen is that you can only order half the quantity of a similar but lesser priced item and your campaign won’t be able to reach as many recipients as you’d planned. There is an enormous amount of promotional items available to today’s business owners – you can almost certainly find a great promotional product that fits within your budget if you are persistent and willing to search. Adhering to a budget is just as important (*if not more so) as selecting the right type of item. The bottom line – a great promotional product is one that fits your budget requirements while doing an effective job of promoting your company simultaneously.

Can You Effectively Brand The Promotional Item?

Thanks mainly to ever evolving technology; virtually all promotional products can be branded with your company logo or slogan. While there are still limitations – some items may only be available in limited colors, sometimes it may not be possible to print with more than one color – you should strive to reproduce your logo with total accuracy. If single color branding is all that is available, consider getting the promotional item made in equal numbers that are divided by the same amount of colors used in your company logo. The point is, your logo should always be instantly recognizable, even when small compromises are made.

Does It Properly Represent Your Company?

The perception of the promotional item, your company identity and the marketing campaign are all tied together – if you are a business that specializes in emerging tech and has a reputation for quality service, you will not want to use a cheap plastic promotional product that can be ordered by the thousands. Promo items are meant to bolster your reputation, brand and ultimately, your revenue, but it can be effective to present yourself, and your business, as though you have already attained these goals – in other words, be what you want others to see you as. Let that be reflected in your choice of promotional product – make it something useful that will show you anticipate their needs. Promo items that are trending or very of the moment should be avoided, but even a gimmick can be effective sometimes.

Will Your Promotional Product Be Highly Visible?

Never lose sight of the fact that marketing and promotions are all about building your brand, creating awareness and expanding your revenue. While you of course will want the recipient to actually like and use the promotional product you’ve given, a truly effective promotional product will be one that is seen by your target or intended market. This will meet your goal of giving your business greater exposure to your intended target market. is a trusted provider of unique promotional items Canada. Create strong, lasting brand recognition with high quality corporate gifts for your valued clients and potential new customers. Choose for your next brand marketing campaign.


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Three Fantastic Promotional Item Picks

One of the best strategies to get the word out and drum up new clients for your business is to offer promotional items. Promotional items are essentially a gift for customers or potential customers, but they aren’t just mere giveaways. Even though you may have to invest a little bit of money in your promotions, they can remind customers of your business whenever they are used. Promotional gifts also create a psychological compulsion to give something in return, which, in the case of customers, typically means making a purchase or giving your company a chance.

Are you stumped about which promotional items to pick? Here are three suggestions for popular and effective customer gifts.

1. Personalized Pens

Pens emblazoned with your company’s insignia can be a great giveaway gift for a couple of reasons. For one, pens are very inexpensive to order compared to many other things you could offer. You can get pens for as little as 17 cents each.

Additionally, there are a lot of different colors, kinds of plastic and styles of pen you can choose from, too. If you have a company that promotes and represents luxury, sometimes a fancier, more heavy-duty fountain pen can be a good choice. If you are a construction company or another business that wants to represent no-frills functionality over stylization, classic ballpoint pens can be a great choice.

2. Custom Water Bottles

Water bottles are also a good choice when it comes to customer giveaways. One reason why they’re a smart pick is because you can fit a lot of text on them. Not only is it possible to get your logo on personalized water bottles, you can also fit an address, insignia and other necessary information, like website addresses.

Another good thing about the water bottle is that it won’t get lost in the mix as easily as small gift items. Water bottles can be used for a variety of things, from going to the gym to work and travel. When you buy promotional items that your customers can use daily, there’s more exposure to your products and services.

3. Totes and Computer Bags

Tote bags and computer bags are undeniably convenient, which is what makes them a good promotional choice. Like water bottles, totes and computer bags can be brought along anywhere customers need to go. They can throw a change of clothes in a tote for post-work fun or fill it with snacks, lunch and/or CDs for a day at the beach.

Computer bags are something that most people buy anyway, so why not give customers a necessary item that they will use over and over again? These items protect laptops while cleverly advertising your company.

Go online today to find promotional products that fit your company’s needs.

To many people, writing is nothing more than putting pen to paper, but to Mike, it’s what he does best. His favorite subject happens to be marketing. If you would like more information regarding Custom water bottles, please visit


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