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It’s All Geek to Me

Many people earn degrees based on their interests, it only makes sense, right? However, let’s face it, not everyone has same interest and maybe your run slightly (or highly) more to the nerd side. Sure you would love to be musician or draw concept art for car makers, but that just isn’t your thing. You are far more into Dungeons and Dragons than designing buildings. If so, here are some degrees you might like.

Astronomy – If you wish you could boldly go where no man has gone before, well now you can, at least in your mind. If long night and large telescopes intrigue you then why not study astronomy?  Granted, this can be pretty intense and mind boggling at times but deep down inside, you know you would love every minute of it. You might even get lucky and discover a planet or an asteroid about to hit the earth.

Physics – Physics and any other type of physics have a lot of overlap. If you like colliding invisible particles in multi-billion dollar pieces of equipment then you should love this field.  If you know what a mass spectrometer is, or how to use one then you definitely need to major in this.  Once again, this is no casual stroll through academic America, it is pretty tough stuff to wrap your head around, but you can do it. Just don’t look too closely too quantum physics, that stuffs insane.

Math – If you are math addict then you have little choice but to major in math. For some reason, geeks everywhere seem to love this subject and somehow they actually understand it.  Teaching would be your most likely option, but if you learn your advanced stuff you could get into programming, code breaking or the exciting world of accounting. If this isn’t for you, do what I did and go for…

History – On the entirely different end of the nerd mass spectrometer you can delve into the depths of history and the liberal arts. Learn about the battles epic battles with knights and maybe reenact some of them yourself.  Antiquities, artifacts and folklore are yours to master. You can even specialize in a military masters degree. If worst-comes-to-worst, you could at least get a job at Medieval Times.

Which bring us to literature, the cute, shy sister of history. Everyone has seen a bookworm or two in their lives. You know, they are always reading. They read in the car, they read while working out, they read while they eat and they fall asleep while reading. Are all books nerdy? No, but most are. For those who love to explore the vast plains of the unbridled imagination then literature is for you.

Which leaves us to the more important and eternal question, what will you do with these degrees? Well, it is true that many people end up doing something not related to their degree at all, teaching is the most obvious choice. You can go and be an inspiring influence and younger nerds who were once just like yours and let them see just where they will end up.

Jeff Jordan lives, breathes and writes in sunny Southern California. He mainly writes about education. automobiles, navy education, real estate and pop culture.  He would write about romance and dating but sadly knows nothing about it.


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Mathematical Proof Of Parallel Universes

Parallel universe is not simply the concept of sci-fi. Mathematical discovery made by Oxford scientists avows that multiple universes really exist.  Parallel universe theory was first proposed by an American physicist, Hugh Everett. The theory attempts to solve many of the mysteries of quantum mechanics. Everett claimed that the university splits off, every time a new physical opportunity is explored.  There is a possible alternative outcome in the alternate universe for each event occurred in our own universe. This implication offers plenty of alternative scenarios in everyone’s life, which would be strangely endless. This theory has gained great acceptance from past life regression therapists and quantum physicists.

Many critics dismiss parallel universe theory as scientific fiction, as the idea is bizarre. However, many credible people and researchers are propagating this theory nowadays.  It is gaining new adherents continuously. New research studies will unveil new evidence. For the first time, the Oxford scientists offer a mathematical answer to this controversial theory. This research shows that Dr Hugh Everett was on the correct track, when he publicized his multiverse theory. Many experts believe that this research study is one of the most important developments in the history of science. It opens up new doors to past life regression therapies, which in turn can help individuals to solve uncorrectable problems in their life.

Quantum mechanics specify that not anything can be said to be present at a subatomic scale until it is really observed. Particles occupy probable states until them. They may have simultaneous up and downs and appear to be in various places at the same time.  Simply observing them may help to confirm a particular state of reality. Scientists do not have a right explanation for how it works till now. However, this has not changed the fact that the parallel universe phenomenon is real.  Unobserved particles are termed as wave functions in quantum mechanics. If an observer is able to measure them, he can find out that the particle settles down in any of the multiple options. This can help to explain the parallel universe theory.

The mathematical experts in Oxford University were led by Dr David Deutsch. He revealed that the universe is dividing into similar versions of itself. He added that it can help explicate the nature of quantum results. The work has another bizarre implication. The idea of parallel universe theory would evade the main complaint with time travel. Time travel was first suggested by Kurt Godel in 1949, but it faced numerous controversies. The physicists gave a grandfather example to strengthen their argument. For instance, if a person could go back and kill his grandfather, there is no chance for his birth. If the parallel universes exist, there is a solution to these problematic paradoxes. Dr Deutsch claims that time travel shifts occur between various branches of reality. He adds that any individual can go into another universe. However, he agrees that there will be plenty of work to do before we can influence space time. 

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