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How Online Faxing Helps Real Estate Professionals

The housing market has been down in the dumps for over four years now. But the good news is that it has recently started emerging from the shadows of recession.

Investors and genuine home buyers are picking up homes that are available at rock bottom rates and housing starts are moving up. Rentals are doing well too.

All this rental and sale activity is keeping real estate professionals on their toes.

Now, you well know that real estate work involves heavy documentation. Deeds, agreements, documents, certificates, tax receipts, and many other documents have to be scrutinized by clients, lawyers, real estate agents, financial institutions and insurance companies. Every single real estate transaction involves a humungous amount of paperwork that must be faxed.

This is where online fax services step in to help the real estate professional.

Real estate professionals have ditched the Jurassic fax machine and switched to online faxing with a vengeance. They just don’t have the time and patience to manually fax each page of every single document. Can you imagine what it’d be like faxing all these records using the antiquated fax device? It would turn the brightest and most productive office workers into feeble and sleepy Rip Van Winkles.

Online faxing has made life very easy for real estate professionals. They can now email-to-fax documents across to all stakeholders and simply wait for their feedback. When feedback is received, real estate professionals can receive it in their email box and can view it by just opening the attachment. They can even send and receive fax communication while on the go by using their smartphones.

Another big plus is that real estate professionals can also, and very easily too, search for documents by feeding in names or topics or any other keywords related to a particular real estate deal. Online faxing also helps out in another important way – it allows digitized signatures to be added to faxed documents.

Here’s one cool example:

A Realtor can take a photograph of a real estate document with his smartphone camera and fax the document across to a buyer or his legal representative. The document is received on the client’s (or his legal representative’s) analogue fax machine. It is read and understood, and the client signs it and calls the real estate professional to come on over to collect the documents. All this happens with the help of online fax services. Can you imagine how much time would have been consumed if there was no such service around?

This is how online faxing is empowering the real estate industry.

Rosey Martenau is a freelance writer and tech geek who loves writing about ways to improve productivity. She recommends trying this online fax service  for your business.


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Use Your Time During The Housing Market Slump To Revitalize


Your home is probably the biggest investment that you have, even though the market has been rather sluggish these days in the real estate sector. But it’s a virtual certainty that eventually the bear housing market will evolve into a certified bull market, and every bit of improvement that you put into your property will pay off in the long run.

Many people will use this opportunity in the down market to fix the things that are slightly off kilter. You could reason that it’s a bad idea to sell in a down market unless you absolutely have to, that is, because you won’t realize the full value of your investment. So instead of quickly putting a piece of property on the market, it just might be a better idea to plan ahead for sunnier days and get the house fully ready for the eventual day when you will put it on sale.

Leasing Out A Property

Even if you’re just planning to lease out a property rather than sell it, you can realize a greater profit on your home if it is kept in good repair and is attractive and clean. After all, you wouldn’t want to move into a home that was in disrepair and was unpleasant to look at.

You can start to improve the appearance of your home by working on the outside, which is the first thing every potential buyer or leaser will see. It pays to keep the grounds and façade of your home in good shape, because, as the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Taking Care Of The Deck

That can mean taking care of such details as deck balusters to make sure that they are painted and in good repair. It is often the details of the home than can make or break the appearance of the home to first-time visitors.

Of course, you’ll want to keep the exterior of your home in good painted or stained condition. If you keep worn, weathered surfaces at bay, you’ll have an overall better looking home, and one that will hold more value than a piece of property that has been allowed to deteriorate.

Taking Care Of Architectural Details

You’ll want to take care of architectural details, such as window frames, railings and porch columns, which also contribute in a substantial way to the look and feel of your home’s exterior.

Once you get the exterior of your home looking the way you’d like, you can always spend time working on the interiors, perhaps redoing paint and wallpaper that might be a little bit worn. Some new lighting fixtures can give a room a new, revitalized feel.

Consider all of your options as you begin to redecorate and remodel, and think of it all as an investment in the future.

Eric Blair writes about architectural design and different exterior design elements such as balusters that make a big difference when selling the property.



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How to Take Advantage of a Short Sale

In the real estate business, there are all sorts of specialized terms that can be confusing to the average layperson. With the condition of the economy like it is, we are seeing many different house sale conditions, including auctions, foreclosures and short sales. These are often the result of people not being able to afford their mortgage payments and being forced to move. Whether you’re in that position and needing to sell, or you’re in the market for purchasing a new home, it’s important to understand all the various terms and options available to you. So let’s go over one of them now. What, exactly, is a short sale?

A short sale, put in the simplest of terms, is when a house is selling for less than the balance owed on the mortgage. A short sale has to be agreed to by the mortgage lender. When a person is unable to make the mortgage payments, the lender agrees to a short sale so they can at least get a portion of their loan back. It is often a way to cut their losses and get something out of it. If they allow the property to go into foreclosure, they will potentially get even less. Some banks can save up to 25 or 30 percent by allowing a short sale rather than going to foreclosure.

Should You Purchase a Short Sale Home?

If you want to buy a new home, a short sale can be an attractive option. With a short sale, you are often able to get a lot more house for your money. The house will be priced well below its value, so it is worth considering, especially for people buying their first home or people who are interested in buying an investment property to rent or flip. You should enlist the help of a realtor who is experienced with short sales. A realtor who is knowledgeable about the process will be a valuable asset to you.

On the downside, most short sale homes are being sold “as is,” meaning the sellers aren’t willing to fix it up for you. Many short sale homes are in less than stellar condition. Some need complete and total rehab, other just a few minor repairs. You should have a building inspector come to the home before you purchase it, and you should get repair estimates from contractors. Consider if you’re really willing to put in the time, effort and money it might take to fix up the home. Short sales also require a lot more paperwork and involve more parties, so they are bound to take longer to complete.

Should You Request a Short Sale for Your Home?

On the other hand, if you’re in financial difficulty and can’t keep up with your mortgage payments, you might want to consider requesting a short sale from your mortgage lender. You will need to begin by writing a letter explaining why you’d like a short sale by detailing your hardships. A short sale is a way to avoid foreclosure, but it will still negatively impact your credit score. Your mortgage lender will need to agree to the short sale, and they will be the one to approve any offers made on the home. If you have any liens against the property, the lien holders will need to agree to the short sale also.

Whether you’re considering purchasing or requesting a short sale, it is always a good idea to consult with an attorney.

Terry Ford has been writing for many years and loves to provide readers with informational material related to trends impacting our economy. Terry uses Grammarly grammar checker to ensure her readers receive the best possible content.


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The Rise of the Serviced Offices Market

The serviced offices market may be in full strength in many of the economic capitals of the world, but there is still a huge potential for this type of business lease. While London serviced offices are at the top end of the market, comprising more in serviced office workstations than the other top 5 cities from around the world, there is still a mass of areas in the capital and the UK which can offer growth to this emerging office market trend. So what are the benefits of serviced offices in comparison to others, and why will this market continue to grow around the world? The benefits are all in the flexibility and low risk associated with the Serviced office market, as businesses can tailor their premises needs in short periods of times and have choices that normal leases cannot offer.

Serviced offices are the perfect option for international corporations planning on making headway into new territories and this is why huge amounts of international growth are expected over the next decade, especially in Asian, American and African economic capitals. Corporations can make a low capital investment for starters and expand the size of their offices as they expand their influence in the local market. Should they require more space immediately, the flexible lease terms allow for almost immediate changes, and cancellations can be made without bankrupting an organisation. Due to these factors, Africa and certain Asian markets, such as India, are seeing new centre being opened almost monthly to ensure that businesses looking to invest have access to A-grade office space when entering a new market. These offerings also include everything that a company needs for start up, including desks, communications equipment and maintenance staff to ensure that as soon as employees move into the location they are ready for business from day one, without having to source furniture and equipment. Serviced offices can also be an interim solution for many companies sending advance teams into regions to solidify presence before making the full commitment to a region for business.

While serviced offices may seem to be an expensive package, the benefits and costs associated with them are very reasonable for the benefits received. Although rates in emerging markets may be slightly more expensive than in developed economic capitals, new centres will drop prices as markets flourish, benefitting the end consumer. New York has the second highest number of serviced offices, but only occupies a small percentage of the property market, so the area for expansion is available and the percentages are set to increase. Even in London, Office space Wimbledon is set to increase, as West End and Central London properties become saturated. With the ample benefits and the rise of business expansion, the serviced offices market internationally is set to increase dramatically over the next decade. For more information on the growth of the serviced offices market, read the full report online.

Sarah Mancini is a Freelance writer who specialises on articles regarding the corporate property market. She hopes to educate readers on the varirty of Office solutions available.


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Blogging Tips for Realtors

As a real estate agent, it’s likely you’ve seen your business drop, possibly a great deal, in the past few years. With the housing market in such dire straits, it can be a challenge to find potential buyers or get your sellers house off the market. You will want to utilize any and all methods of securing business for yourself, and keeping a blog is just one great tool to consider.

People use the Internet to search for houses and apartment listings all the time. And with so many listings online, it can be hard for the average buyer or seller to navigate. Consider starting a blog to help people in their online search process, while at the same time showing them that you are the realtor they want. Having a blog can only help you connect with buyers and sellers, which will hopefully bring you lots more commission. Here are some tips for starting your blog:

Personalize It

People want to choose a realtor they like and get along with. Use your blog to showcase your winning personality. Keeping a blog will show you care about and put extra effort into your work, and those are qualities that people want in a realtor. Make sure to include photos of yourself and even a little about your personal life, such as your family and hobbies. In a sea of so many licensed realtors, it can be hard for people to choose who they want to go with. If they know more about you from your blog, you may become the easiest and best choice.

Show Your Knowledge

Use your blog to show that you know what you’re doing. Write different posts explaining aspects of the buying or selling process, and this will not only help your readers but make them see you know your stuff. Buying or selling a house can be an intimidating undertaking for many people, and they will appreciate it if you can make it more manageable. This can also help establish you as an expert in your field.

Show Your Success

People also want to choose a realtor who is successful. If you have helped lots of people sell their houses in a bad market, maybe you can do the same for them, too. If you are great at matching your buyers with their dream homes, they will want you to find theirs, too. Consider asking your buyers and sellers if you can create posts on your blog when the sale is completed. Share the success stories, and include pictures. People will be able to envision themselves in the same position.

Capture Your Market

If you specialize in any kind of real estate, make your blog about it. If you are the best realtor around for people looking for an apartment, make sure your blog advertises this. Post apartment listings, articles that help people learn about a successful apartment search, and good resources. Differentiating yourself is key to getting clients. Soon anyone who wants to find an apartment in your search area will be coming to you.

As you develop content for your listings consider using Grammarly grammar checker and reviewing English Grammar Rules Handbook because first impressions do matter.

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A Relentless Race to the Bottom

by Seth Godin

They’re shutting down Jimmy Wang’s store. Shutting down a successful little business.

Walgreen’s is moving into town, my town, a town with three or four small drugstores and plenty of places to buy stale cookies, thank you very much.

I’ve written about Brother’s market before, an anchor in my little town. The only place to get hand-picked fresh food, pretty much, and the sort of market you could imagine moving to town just to be near. Remember those little markets where they actually care about the produce they sell? In a world filled with bitter cash register jockeys, Brother’s was different. A smiling face, a family member mentioned, a don’t-worry-about-the-pennies sort of interaction.

I’ve probably shopped there a thousand times, and every single time it brought a smile to my face.

The problem is that while Brother’s was in a race to the top, a race to create more and better interactions, Walgreen’s is in a race to the bottom. They exist to extract the last penny from every bit of real estate they can control. That’s the deal they made with their shareholders.

The landlord who owns this land lives in another state. He doesn’t care. He can ignore the protests and the petitions.

And Walgreen’s won’t even notice the community outrage. We can write letters or call or boycott the new store (or all their stores) and the local manager, the local region manager, the state-level manager, the head of store operations–none of them care, of course, because it’s just a job to them.

Real estate is the soul killer here. You can’t have a beloved local market and a public drugstore chain occupying the very same spot. Pundits like me can talk all we want about being remarkable, about leading and about making connections, but when a public company wants your spot, when it can extract a few extra pennies per square foot, you lose.

The internet has opened the door for millions of businesses to do things differently, because there are other assets now, assets that can transcend location. Your permission to talk to customers, your reputation, your unique products–you can build a business around them online. But that doesn’t work so well if you depend on local (and leased) real estate, if you’re selling watercress or radishes, apparently.

One by one, store by store, the chains expand, earning a few more dollars a share and further insulating themselves from the communities they used to serve. No, my neighbors and I don’t need another drugstore, we have plenty. That’s not going to change Walgreen’s mind, and it’s not going to help Jimmy and his team, either. My heart goes out to them. Thanks for everything you did for our community, guys.

The race to the top continues. It’s just a lot harder if you have a landlord.


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