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So you want a Promotion?

Hard work and determination aren’t the only things you’ll need to achieve that much wanted promotion. Improving your skills, by returning to university, can often be the advantage you need when applying for a new job. In today’s rapidly growing consumer market, industry trends are frequently changing, often making it difficult to maintain the highest knowledge of the latest products. Industry policies also regularly change, particularly in the finance and business sectors, making it all the more important for professionals to maintain a thorough understanding of up to date procedures. With hundreds of enthusiastic graduates completing their qualifications each year, it is vital that you gain an advantage to secure that highly desired promotion.

Upgrading your Qualifications

Choosing to further educate yourself and upgrade your qualifications can be the difference between whether or not you land that highly sought after promotion. Particularly if you are employed within the business sector, there is a large range of options available to you, when upgrading your course. Dependent upon your current qualification, you may choose to study a specialised master’s degree, a graduate diploma or even a Master of Business Administration (MBA). Upgrading your skills and expanding your variety of knowledge can assist you in achieving a promotion within your company, or externally, within your chosen sector.

Exemptions and Recognition

If you have previously studied or have extensive knowledge in your chosen industry, you may be eligible for subject exemptions or recognition of prior learning, when applying for postgraduate study. Furthering your study, in order to achieve a promotion, does not need to be hard. Obtaining deserved exemptions can ultimately save you time and hundreds of dollars in tuition fees. Many postgraduate courses are offered through online education providers, making it even easier for people to continue working full time when returning to study. Subject credits allow you to complete a course upgrade without unnecessarily repeating course content which you have already mastered during previous study.

Building Character

Not only will further study help you to improve and update your skill set, but it will also show your employer what kind of person you are. If it is your ambition in life to have a successful career and reach a senior management level, you must display a strong character. Many employers agree that workers who opt to further their study are often more serious about their careers and show high levels of initiative. If you are seeking a promotion within your company, show your employer that you really mean business by being proactive and taking the next step in bettering your career.

Obtaining a promotion can often be difficult, in today’s ever competitive workforce. Furthering your study and upgrading your qualifications can often help you to achieve that much desired promotion.

Susan is an expert on Career Development from Sydney, Australia. She believes that postgraduate study is important to put you ahead of the pack. Susan is currently writing her first book on career fulfilment which will be in stores late next year.


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