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Three Neuromarketing Questions and Answers to Help Your Business Succeed

Have you ever wondered why some companies succeed and others do not? With all of the money and time that can be spent on sales and marketing, how do you choose which strategy leads to making that all-important sale?

The key is actually all in your mind—quite literally, as a matter of fact. Are you not sure where this is going? Marketing messages that are optimized for the human brain will deliver the greatest impact. The following are three frequently asked questions about the concept and amazing power of neuromarketing.

• What is neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is essentially using sales and marketing techniques that appeal directly to the human brain on a biological level. To understand how consumers make buying decisions, you must first understand the brain and how it works.

According to scientists, the human brain has 3 different parts.

1. The “New” Brain “thinks” and rules rational thought

2. The“Middle” Brain “feels” and processes emotions

3. The “Reptilian” Brain “decides” and responds by instinct

According to neuromarketing experts, the Reptilian Brain, the oldest part of the brain,  plays a key role in all decision-making.

• How can I use this powerful phenomenon?

There are four steps to effective neuromarketing.

1. You must do what is called “diagnose the pain.” 

Due to the fact that the Reptilian Brain is mostly concerned with survival, you have to show this aspect of the mind that there is a problem/need that needs to be solved/met. (And, of course, your product or service is what will fix it.)

2. You will need to “differentiate your claims.” 

The Reptilian Brain seeks out novelty in order to choose between one item and another. It is of the utmost importance that you can say how and why your product/service is different than a competitor’s product/service; this will help the Reptilian Brain of the customer see your business as special and thus make the decision to buy from you.

3. You will need to “demonstrate the gain.”

This step requires that you show your potential customer how they can benefit from choosing your item or service over all others. You will need to show that your company offers a value that others do not. This makes it more convincing to the Reptilian Brain.

4. You will need to close the deal.

The combination of these three steps culminates in “delivering to the Reptilian Brain,” or closing the deal. This final step creates a condition that makes the mental atmosphere favorable for you to swoop in for the sale.

• Where can I learn more?

If you are interested in discovering more about neuromarketing and how it can help your business succeed, websites like can give you valuable information on the subject. You can also arrange neuromarketing speaking engagements at your company to help you and your team tap into this exciting niche of marketing.

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