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How Can Retail Managers Lead Their Teams More Effectively?

Managerial Challenges

There are many challenges that face the modern retail manager. Whether you work for a large company in one of hundreds of retail stores for a huge company, or run your own retail business, different challenges are thrown up every day to be dealt with in as quick a manner as possible.

In the modern world, where business costs are higher than ever meaning our headcount will likely be severely compromised, managers need as many tools as possible at their disposal in order to help them carry out their job effectively. Modern POS systems are one huge factor in giving managers this power. What benefits can modern POS systems bring not only to retail managers, but to businesses as a whole?

Knowing the Team

In a world where generally, sales figures are a whole number giving a total store performance, it can be difficult to understand which employee is adding value to your company, and which isn’t earning their wages. Using modern POS systems, today’s retailer can quickly analyse many aspects of employee performance and importantly, have the evidence at hand to take action, whether this be in the form of praise or otherwise.

POS systems can be used, for example, to monitor employee attendance and punctuality, as clocking machines can easily be integrated into POS systems. Other simpler methods, like asking an employee to sign into the system when they arrive, can also verify their attendance and timekeeping. Other business critical issues such as sales performance and even task management can also be viewed on POS. One popular way to drive sales at till points, for example, is to have a promotional product offered to all customers. Using the POS systems, managers will be able to quickly see which team members are performing better in this area of the business.

Business Owners

Modern POS systems can be extremely effective to business owners who are operating across multiple sites, or for area managers in larger businesses. Analysing and understanding trends from store A to store B, for example, can help business owners drive accountability and implement positive changes across their estate in order to ultimately make more profits. POS systems also act as the platform for the managers to understand how each business is performing, as well as the team members in each business.

Having this knowledge will enable business leaders to use POS systems much more effectively, and to impact on their business’ performance.

Posterita is innovative (POS) software that allows large or small stores to manage every conceivable aspect of their operations via a web-based platform.


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Shopfitting Advice For 2012

Shop fittings and shop displays are vitally important to the layout of a commercial premises, as it can be the difference between a customer buying or not.
Visually appealing shop layouts are there not just to be eye candy, but to make sure the goods are shown off in the best possible way.
Having a good selection of difference shop fittings will give you the flexibility to design your shop so that different types of goods can be rearranged quickly and presented in the best possible way.
Below are some examples of different types of shop fittings you may want to consider and their possible uses.
Clothes and dress rails.
Clothes and dressed rails are just there to hang clothes off, right?
If you want to present your clothing like a discount store, then regular old clothes rails will do.
For a much more attractive way to present garments, there are many more clothes rails available to fulfil this need. Circular rails, garment rails, feature rails, dressed rails and many more. Your choice will depend on what garments you want to present and the look of the rest of your shop.
Garment rail should come in a variety of sizes and colours. Pick a colour that will not clash with the garment colours.
If you are thinking of buying large garment rails, then check that the wheels or castors are robust enough to take being pushed around a busy shop.
If you are looking for something more stylish to present your garments in the shop, then there are many options on the market. There are many different sizes and shapes of merchandising display stands, such as spiral, circular and multi-armed versions. These usually fit well in a boutique type setting.
You should have lots of choice when it comes to clothes and dress rails for your shop. The ones you buy, will be dependent on the products you are selling.
Clothes mannequins.
Close mannequins aren’t just blobs of plastic to hang garments from. They arguably have to be as appealing as the garments themselves to attract customers.
There are many different types to choose from these days. You mainly have the choice from male mannequins, female mannequins, child mannequins, flexible mannequins, sports mannequins, plus-size mannequins, dressmaker mannequins and display busts.
All the above mannequins are usually used in shop windows, but can be used anywhere else throughout a store.
A lot of people will look for realism in a mannequin. This will be dependent on your needs. Most suppliers will advise you on which mannequins are best suited for which garment types.
Portable displays.
Portable displays are important for presenting new products, special offers and anything else you wish to be attention grabbing.
If you’ve not used portable displays before, then visit your favourite store or boutique shop. See how they arrange their products and present their special offers. There will be most likely using portable display stands of one variation or another.
Portable displays are available as roller banners, tension fabric displays, pop-up systems, display plinth, modular displays and many other niche display types.
If you are not sure which ones will work for you, ask a supplier and they are sure to help you out.
A well presented shop that displays all its products in an appealing way and leads customers through the shop in a stimulating environment, will sell more products than the shop with no display appeal.
Look at all the display options then plan your shop accordingly.

The author would like to recommend as a great shop fitters and display stands seller –


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What Are The Biggest Factors For Business Success in 2012


Keep your business profitable and sustainable throughout 2012 with a free POS software download.

Today’s Challenges

There are a great deal of challenges facing the business world today and in particular those businesses whose primary revenue comes from sales, such as retailers. The costs of running these businesses are forever increasing, and as such, a business’ profitability will be reduced dramatically. Whether it is in the form of increased materials, distribution costs, or minimum wage increases, business owners everywhere have a constant headache in terms of minimising costs.

The biggest way for businesses so remain successful in 2012 is to produce an effective cost reduction plan. Not only will this see them remain financially healthy in the short term but it will also put effective business practices in place, enabling the business to remain strong through another global financial crisis, should one occur in the future.

Software Costs

Significant sums of money are spent by businesses each year on the upgrading and on-going maintenance of point of sale programs. By obtaining a free POS software download program, a business can take huge steps to dramatically reducing the costs associated with this. The beauty of such software is that it is entirely cloud based, so all that is needed is a computer terminal in a business in order to use the software. The only costs associated with a free POS software download come in the support functions. However, given the increased reliability and performance levels that you get with such programs, these costs are unlikely to be colossal. In a world where business leaders are forever fighting cost increases, this is much more favourable than paying for 24/7 support cover for an unreliable software and hardware package. This is before we even get into the additional costs of an engineer visiting your business to resolve the issue if it is something that cannot be resolved remotely.

How It Helps Your Business

In addition to the superb cost savings, a free POS software download can help your business in many ways. It can be a great time saver for the multi-site business manager, as they can simply log on to the cloud at home and view each site’s performance, rather than having to visit each site individually, or rely on communication from all of their managers.

A free POS software download can also drive significantly better employee productivity, as visibility of performance measures is dramatically improved. Other key business levers such as inventory control and stock loss can also be measured accurately.

Posterita provides free point of sale software to retail businesses. Moreover, they offer marketing and business advice to their partners and clients to help their business grow. If you want to find more about their free POS software download it from their website.



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Shop Shelving Versus Display Cabinets

For those that are not involved in the retail business the area of shop shelving and display cabinets could easily be confused as being the same.  Both are essentially storage and display items that are used to show off products to customers.  However, whilst their role is the same, the requirements that shop owners need from their shop shelving and display cabinets can vary greatly.  Here we consider the fur key areas of shop shelving and display cabinets that make them completely different beasts and touch on which option best suits which kind of shop.

Products for sale

The first consideration to take into account when deciding on shop shelving or a display cabinet should always be the products that your shop sells.  If you have a shop that sells quite low priced items and that has a high turnover rate then you should be looking for a display solution that offers easy access to products.  Where items are priced higher and you sell a lower quantity then display cabinets tend to be the most sensible option.  One thing to consider with display cabinets is that they are available with inbuilt lighting; which is a great way of showcasing items.

Considering security

The higher priced your products are the greater impact there is to your business if they are stolen.  In order to protect yourself from shoplifters you can continue to use shop shelving in unison with security tags.  However, if your items are of great value, such as antiques or jewellery, then you should consider the extra security that display cabinets with locks provide.

A quality solution

The longevity of the display and storage item solution that you are looking to purchase should also be a factor.  Display cabinets tend to be built to a higher spec than shop shelving and therefore usually last a lot longer.  That isn’t to say that good shop shelving won’t also last the test of time, but the display cabinets do tend to be more durable.

The ever important price

The final factor and possibly the salient one in most cases is the price of shop shelving and display cabinets.  Having considered the previous three points it won’t surprise you to learn that display cabinets do on the whole tend to be the more expensive of the two options.  This is due to the quality of the materials used and the security features involved.  However, the extra outlay is always worth the money if you are selling expensive goods and may even be a necessity for insurance purposes.

Having recently helped one of his children set up a retail outlet, Paul Banburry is happy to share his experience on how to select the right shop shelving for your business.


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Insect in a Web – Always with a Spider

It was five in the morning when I headed on to a town next to our city. As I used the bus for transit, I saw a lot of establishments on the sidewalk. I noticed fast food restaurants, printing shops, banks, convenience stores, internet cafés, coffee shops, bars and many other businesses. Epiphany struck me when I realized that many of these businesses have been around for quite a long time. I remember when I was young, I used to play computer games in some of those internet cafés. I even tried skipping classes in order to ace a game among my friends and classmates. I also remember that I usually bought candy in the convenience stores to feed my sweet tooth.

These businesses have created quite an impression to other people and, personally, to me. I could not really imagine how these establishments went through  the years. I could not comprehend their hardships and sufferings, and the people in charge who made it all happen.

Then I got to the town I was heading for. It was not as urbanized as the city I came from. In comparison, it was a little bit silent and hushed. There were some internet cafés and local pubs around the town. Curious enough, I went to one of their internet shops to figure out how technologically advanced or delayed the people were. When I opened the door, I was greeted with a view of over forty computers.  A piece of mounted paper on the wall said the rental rate was less than a half dollar.

As I passed by some computers, I noticed that the computer renters were blogging. Some are outsourcing and promoting other company through online writing. Some others were doing graphic design and web development. I approached one of them and asked how long he has been doing that and he answered, “For almost a year already.” Despite the town’s quietness, the people are indeed catching up with technological advancements.

That was when I realized how  businesses like these internet shops keep up with the industry. Businesses have sub-businesses regardless of how small they may be. The shops have customers who in turn have personal customers. They interminably work together for good. With the people’s resiliency, each contributes to an indirect assistance of sustenance to every business in the web of establishments.

Your author Chris Marentis writes about what he has learned in over 25 successful years in business, he specializes in local search engine marketing at his local internet marketing company Insect in a Web – Always with a Spider.


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