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Fear – An Occupational Hazard to Sales Representatives and How to Deal With It

One of the most common problems that many sales representatives face right now is fear – fear that the economy will decline further, fear that he won’t be able to generate sales leads, and fear of what the future will bring. This happens to most sales representatives, but if they let fear get to them, then it will affect their performance at work.

There are valid reasons as to why he feels all these though. After all, the country hasn’t fully recovered yet from the financial crisis. In fact, we’re still walking on eggshells that one huge crack could spell disaster to the whole country. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to focus on our fears and not move forward.

What causes fear and what are its effects?

Fear is caused by the current market conditions and the uncertainty of the future. Because most people are going through tough financial times, there is the fear that you won’t be able to get your current clients to purchase your products or avail of your company‘s services. If you can’t get them to purchase, what more can you do to get new customers, right?

If you let your fear rule you, then you’re letting so many opportunities of making a sale pass you by. Not only will this affect your work performance, but this will also affect company sales and revenues. After all, the more you dwell on negative things, the harder it becomes to get up and fight, and the more you become inactive, the more potential sales and profits your company loses. If you become an unproductive employee, then you are sure to lose your job.

Dealing with Fear

Fear is natural, but you have to let go of it if you want to keep your job and be a productive sales representative. Here are some tips on how you can deal with fear.

  • Don’t focus on the financial crisis. You can’t do anything about it but adapt to the situation and do the best that you can. Instead, focus on the bigger picture, which is to provide for your family.
  • Get past the “call reluctance” stage and start getting in touch with your current customers. Yes, they may not need your company’s service or product right now, but they might know someone who does. They can refer the potential customer to you. Furthermore, there’s also the chance that your clients do need what you’re offering but have forgotten to call you about it.
  • Stay away from other sales representatives who are complaining of the current financial situation. It won’t do you any good to indulge yourself in “isn’t this just terrible” conversations. The more you join conversations like this, the more it’ll feed your fear and insecurity, and the more it’ll affect your performance.
  • Think of new things to generate sales leads. Don’t just communicate with old clients, but actively look for new ones. Visit new neighborhoods and communities. Who knows, you just might get new clients there.
  • Finally, relax. If the stress is too much, then take a breather. Go somewhere nice with your family and enjoy a small vacation, but don’t think of work. You’ll be surprised to know that this can make you feel more energized and ready to tackle your problems.

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