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Positive Buying Experience of the Year!


Every now and then, a vendor or supplier truly out does themselves in service, the buying experience, and value.

My recent experience with of all things, a roofing company, was such a time.

Founded in 1982 by J Saber, an energetic gentlemen that looks very much like the Santa Cruz mountain Gnome, his company proves once again that you can’t judge a book by its cover. I seem to remember one of the founders of Apple Computer had a similar look. If you look at some of the properties that they have worked on, it becomes quite apparent that this guy is the real deal. His son Ryan has more or less taken over business operations on the San Francisco Peninsula and it is with him that I worked the most. Ryan met with me daily to review the progress of the job, and fully explain any additional work that needed to be done. He and his crew were some of the most affable workers I’ve ever seen. They actually seem to be enjoying doing their work.

As a result of many long years of hard and arduous labor and the silicon valley I own a triplex near the Atherton border. It had been roughly 35 years since the last roof was put on this ancient edifice, and I was terrified to find what might lay under the roof when we ripped off. Saber and his crew had the tear off done in one day, and I was delighted to find there was only minor damage to some of the plywood. They were able to replace that in no time, and assure me the rest of the roof was sound.

I can really tell a quality company by the attention to detail and the user experience. Every evening before the crew left, each speck of dust, each dropped nail, and every bit of debris was cleaned to the point you could not tell they had ever been there.

Another thing I greatly appreciate is honesty and integrity. There were several opportunity’s for them to take advantage of a simple homeowner as to the amount of time certain repairs might have taken. I happen to have had a few years in the construction industry myself after college, and was extremely heartened that at no time did they try to blow smoke up my hiney about how long something would take. They also had a significant cost overrun due to the fact that their estimator underestimated the square footage of the roof, costing them a few thousand dollars. Ryan admitted his mistake, and at no time hinted about charging me more.

Feel free to check out their diamond certified five star references on yelp. For those of you lucky enough to live on the San Francisco Peninsula, I recommend Saber Roofing very highly. For those of you not quite so fortunate I can only offer you a few photographs.

SaberRoofing has restored my faith in American workmanship!

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