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4 Quick Ways to Make a Viral Video

By: Caroline Rodin

Anyone can make the next big YouTube hit, whether you’re a corporation with a big budget or an individual filming on your phone. But small businesses have the perfect combination of resources, flexibility and a loyal following that make a YouTube video successful. Learn the techniques that big companies are using to promote their videos and help them go viral and how you can do a few simple things to give your video a boost.

Grovo, an online education platform for leading sites, apps and Internet tools has the Top 4 Ways to Make a Video Go Viral This Weekend. YouTube is waiting for you to film the next viral video. Make sure it goes viral.

1. What is Video Optimization?
Online video is more popular than ever, reaching a huge percentage of the US Internet audience…and YouTube, the world’s largest video site, is at the heart of it all. Tapping into that large YouTube audience to get more views, however, means making sure that your videos are optimized for people to find them. Check out this Grovo video to get a quick overview before moving forward:

2. Find and Compare Trends
The YouTube Trends Dashboard allows you to see what videos are most popular in different places around the world to help you decide what content to produce and who to target. To use the YouTube Trends Dashboard, navigate to Use the location drop down to see popular videos in a specific country or city, use the age drop down to pick an age range, and filter by gender using the links below. The “Compare” button lets you select up to three locations, age ranges and gender settings to compare what’s popular with different groups of people. Use the “Unique” checkbox to see which videos are not in any other list, and the “Common” checkbox to see which videos are in multiple lists..

3. Help Search Engines Find your Videos
Adding tags and video categories can improve the performance of your videos by helping search engines find them when users search for your tags and similar terms. You can add tags when you upload your video, or at any time after by selecting “Video Manager” in the dropdown below your username. Check off a tag you’ve already used to include it, or type in the box above to find a specific tag or create a new one. You can also choose a video category that matches your title, description and tags to help improve your video’s search ranking even more..

4. How do I Get More YouTube Views?
A video’s popularity is a function of many factors, only one of which is the quality of your video content. Most importantly, however, before people can even judge the quality of your content, they have to be able to find it. Grovo’s video below will show you how to help people find your videos via YouTube search, with three of the most important elements are, and the top 5 factors that will influence how well your video will appear in search results. We’ll wait for you to finish the video…

Okay, good. You actually watched it right? None of these factors is necessarily more important than the others; they all play a part in determining whether you video will show up in search results.

About the Author:
Caroline Phillips Rodin is the SEO & Inbound Marketing Manager for She has nearly a decade of experience helping Fortune 500 financial and fashion companies improve their online visibility and increase their natural search traffic. Not only is she in love with SEO, she has a passion for sharing her love of SEO with others. Caroline’s work has been published in Social Media Today, YouMoz, Business2Community and AdvancedWebRankings, and more. Caroline graduated from Wellesley College cum laude in 2010 with a degree in sociology. She is an avid reader who spends her free time hunting for NYC’s best chocolate chip cookie.



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The Dynamic Duo: Why SEO And PPC Are The Perfect Bedfellows

UntitledImage by Danard Vincente

The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing strategies have traditionally pitted themselves against one another. Proponents of each have argued that their approach is better than the other. However, opinions are now beginning to change, with many companies noting the benefits of using both SEO and PPC in harmony.


SEO involves increasing the visibility of a website or specific web page within search engine results, which is perfect for promoting your brand. For more information on SEO, click here. With successful SEO the chosen website will appear more prominently in the ‘organic’, or natural, search results and therefore receive more visitors.

By contrast, with PPC, advertisers (you) pay the search engines or content sites when their advertisement is clicked. This article is a good starting point for PPC beginners. Typically, the prices are fixed for content sites but users have to bid for key phrases on search engines. PPC drives in even more traffic, so employing it alongside SEO can really benefit your business.

Identifying The Best Keywords

Firstly, through the use of PPC, you will be able to see which keywords drive customers to your website. Once the most useful terms have been identified, these can be incorporated into SEO strategies. SEO tends to be a longer-term process. So, using the quick results provided by PPC can help you concentrate your efforts in the most important areas and not waste any time.

If PPC shows certain keywords are providing a lot of traffic, you can then ensure the landing page contains relevant persuasive information on these areas. Creating the best possible landing page will increase both your overall PPC quality score and the number of results you receive through organic SEO.

Identifying Gaps in The Market

Through PPC, you will be able to track which pages your advert is shown on. If it is consistently used on a certain website, a good strategy would be to examine that site’s content. If it includes something relevant to your business which is not incorporated into your own web pages, then you will have found a gap in your marketing. Addressing this issue by writing your own similar content may lead to more traffic and reduce your dependency on advertisements.

This method will be particularly useful for new websites or web pages. New content is unlikely to get the same amount of traffic as established sites. Therefore, PPC advertising could be invaluable. It will bring attention to recent developments, providing the company with keywords to include and ways to expand SEO.

Being Consistent

To ensure that what you have learned from PPC benefits your organic SEO, you need to be consistent with both disciplines. Occasionally, companies introduce better offers on PPC adverts than appear in the organic search results. If you offer a 50 per cent discount in an advertisement, but only 30 per cent off in the organic search, very few people will click on the latter. This will lead to spending more money on PPC as well as reducing the effectiveness of your SEO.

Alternatively, results received through organic SEO may provide some surprising keywords or phrases that can be incorporated into your PPC scheme. This demonstrates the advantages of using them simultaneously.

Investigate Conversions

In order to test whether your marketing strategies are working effectively together, you can investigate the conversion pathways. Instead of simply recording the final advertisement viewed before the conversion, all stages of the marketing funnel are logged. This will show all aspects of marketing, such as email links, different PPC adverts and organic searches, which assisted in driving traffic to your site. Analysing the conversion pathways will allow you to determine the use of each strategy and optimising your marketing.

When employing search engine marketing, it is important to recognise the relationship between different areas and strategies. This is what using PPC alongside SEO provides. PPC allows you to constantly test and develop your website and marketing techniques. This holistic approach will provide stronger results and help you get the most from your internet marketing

Bio:  Rhosanna Jenkins is a committed writer, with a variety of interests, including the rise the online marketing revolution.

Have you using both PPC and SEO in combination for your business? Share your thoughts and comments below.


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Hello? Is My Marketing On? How To Choose The Right SEO Company


As you work to establish yourself as an online presence, you may wonder what you can do to make your website more visible and attractive to web users. In fact, you may already be aware of traditional SEO strategies such as using keywords, having a solid yet simple domain name, and utilizing email marketing. However, as valuable as these strategies are, there’s a new trend in online marketing. While you contemplate the best suggestions to use for directing traffic to your website and establish your venture online, you would do well to rely on someone that can help you with SMI strategies. SMI (Search Marketing Integration) is a basically a combination of search engine and social strategies.

Changes To SEO And Search Methods

Being aware of the role of SMI in today’s online marketing will allow you to reach more potential clients and expand your existing customer base. Being open to the changes in online marketing and allowing an SEO company, such as Everspark Interactive, to guide you in utilizing their services to your advantage can help you survive as an online presence, despite the ever-changing climate of Internet marketing.

Discovering The Role Of Social Networking

It used to be that social networking sites were viewed as novelties and, in fact, insignificant to an online company’s survival. People went to these sites to play games, post messages to friends, and fill up time as they browsed the Internet. Now, however, social networking sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and others play a major role in how well a company survives among its online competitors.

Establishing social networking accounts should be one of your primary goals as an online entrepreneur. Keeping these accounts active, relevant and updated as much as possible should also remain one of your top priorities. You can maintain your social media presence when you follow the advice outlined by a good SEO company.

The Value Of People Over Traditional SEO Methods

As SEO evolves, you need to be aware that search engines are changing in the way that they rank websites. Major search engines like Google and Bing are placing more favor on websites which are established on these social media sites and garner significant attention from the public. In essence, your website can achieve a higher search engine ranking if you are able to get more Facebook likes, Twitter retweets, Google +1s, reposts on Tumblr and other favorable reviews on social media sites. Demonstrations that people like your company, your posts, your products, and any other activities that you share through social networking place you in higher regards with search engine companies.

In fact, it is now common knowledge that this SMI strategy places a higher value on people rather than traditional search algorithms. For that reason, you would do well to ensure your survival, if not your prosperity online if you rely on an SEO company to show you how to utilize social networking to your advantage. Without using these social networking sites to your favor, you could jeopardize your venture’s livelihood online.

SEO methods that were valid and useful three or four years ago are now being integrated with SMI strategies. As online marketing strategies change, you can ensure your success as an online presence by relying on a knowledgeable and experienced SEO company to help you attract people to your website.

Nadine Swayne writes this article to inform business owners of the importance of effective marketing. The SEO specialists at Everspark Interactive bring top ranking and innovative SEO techniques to the table for their clients. They strive to be the eyes and ears of your overall online strategy.

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Google’s Matt Cutts On SEO Industry Misconceptions: Updates, Revenue Goals & Link Building Obsession


cutts-google-seo-misconceptionsGoogle’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, released another video named 

What are some misconceptions in the SEO industry?

 In short, Matt outlined three topics in this five-minute video.

(1) SEOs confuse algorithm updates with data refreshes.

(2) Panda & Penguin algorithms are not about making Google more money in the short term.

(3) SEOs spend too much energy and time focused on link building and only thinking about search engines.

Algorithm Updates Versus Data Refreshes:

Matt explained that one of the biggest misconceptions he sees in the industry is that SEOs often confuse data refreshes and algorithmic updates. This is a topic we covered before at least once, but in short, here is the difference. An algorithm update is when Google changes the algorithm on how the search results are ranked, indexed or filtered. A data refresh is when Google updates the data where the algorithm runs. For example, we had a Penguin updaterecently; and, that last update was an algorithm update. There was a change to how the algorithm worked. Prior to that, Penguin 3 and 2 were mostly just data refreshes.

Panda & Penguin Updates Are Not About Revenue Gains For Google:

There are many people in the industry that feel Google releases algorithm updates, such as thePanda and Penguin updates with short-term goals of increasing their revenues. Matt said that is absolutely false and the algorithm and organic search results are completely separated from revenue goals.

Matt added that in one of the older earnings report, Panda was listed as a reason why Google’s revenues may not be as high in future quarters. Simply because Panda may have short-term negative impact on Google’s revenues. Why? Because Panda’s goal was to eliminate low-quality content sites that monetized mostly over AdSense revenue.

Then, Matt goes into explaining how Google looks at long-term goals, making the searcher happy, so they come back and search more. Google has methods for letting users take their data and leave. Google is rarely interested in short-term revenue goals, Matt added a few times.

Clearly, this is the PR side of Matt talking; but in my opinion, he 100% believes it.

SEOs Focus Too Much On Link Building & Search Engines:

Matt’s final point in the video is discussing what SEOs spend too much energy focusing on. They include link building and search engines, as opposed to their users. Matt said they can spend more time on social media and other areas to help build awareness of their sites.

He then discusses how the history of great sites, those sites generally focus on design and user experience first. This way the user is happy and recommends it to others. Matt added that Craigslist is a great site; but, their user experience is not great. So, there are many startups that come in and beat them on user experience to take over in some niches.


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Make Your Google PPC Campaign Count: From The Right Ad Words To Perfect Landing Pages

Google-AdWordsOne of the most common mistakes in any international or local internet marketing campaign is that the campaign does not make sense to most potential customers.  Within a few seconds of glancing at your PPC ad or landing page, customers should know exactly who you are, what you do, and what you do not do.  Below are a few tips for how to make your Google PPC campaign thrive, from picking the right Google Ad Words to creating the best landing page.

How to pick the right Google Ad Words

First and foremost, make sure that your Google Ad Words are relevant to your business or product.  Often, being more specific is better.  For example, instead of choosing the word “coffee” for your business that ships green coffee beans that individuals can roast at home, choose the keyword phrase “green coffee beans.”  Chances are, few people looking to find other things associated with coffee—coffee shops, coffee flavored ice cream, coffee pots, coffee gift baskets—are interested in purchasing green coffee beans to roast at home.  Reach out to the right customer for your business.

Have a landing page that is easy to understand

After having an ad that clearly states what you offer, make sure that your landing page is easy to understand.  Within a few seconds, potential customers should be able to know who you are and what you offer.  One problem with many landing pages is that site visitors cannot readily figure out what site they are visiting.  You need to ensure that your landing page shows the following, regardless of whether your focus is local internet marketing or international sales:

  • In a few sentences, say who you are and what you do
  • Like all other businesses, online businesses need to have a mission statement and statement of purpose
  • This information should be easy to see on your landing page and easy to understand

Creative web design is great.   Similarly, having a landing page that looks expensive is important.  However, your landing page will only hurt you if you cannot clearly articulate who you are and what you do on it.  Remember that potential customers do not owe you anything.  It is your responsibility to make sure your message gets across, not their civic duty to try to decode your landing page.  Come up with a solid identity and clearly state it in a few simple sentences.  If you still question your company’s identity, it’s time to go back to your business plan and figure it out.

Optimizing any Google Ad Words campaign

Always focus on being clear and concise throughout the entire campaign.  You don’t want to attract all customers; you want to attract the right kind of customer by clearly articulating what you have to offer.  In addition, working with local marketing experts can help guide you through the system to make your internet marketing campaign count.  By connecting with the right customers through popular online advertising techniques, you can build a brand for your business to thrive.

Chris Marentis is the founder and CEO of Surefire Social.  He has a marked history of branding expertise in the e-commerce and internet marketing industires.  For more information, visit


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Penguin 2.0 Losers: Porn Sites, Game Sites, & Big Brands Like & The Salvation Army


angry-penguin-200pxGoogle’s fourth Penguin update — what the company is callingPenguin 2.0 — hit last night, and less than 24 hours later we’re already getting a first chance to look at what sites might be considered “losers” in terms of search visibility.

In a nutshell, the list includes: porn sites, game sites and big brands like, the Salvation Army, CheapOair and Educational Testing Service (yes, ETS, the company that makes a lot of those standardized tests you probably took as a child).

The SEO software company, SearchMetrics, has just shared its initial look at what sites have been affected the most by the latest Penguin update. As always, SearchMetrics is using its “SEO Visibility” benchmark, which looks at the visibility of a company’s web pages as they appear (or don’t appear) across a wide range of keywords in Google’s search results.

Here’s their initial list of the 25 biggest Penguin 2.0 losers:


There are eight porn sites on the list of 25, and four game-related sites. Of those game sites, three are listed in the top 10. (You have to merge the porn sites listed at the bottom with the sites above them to get the actual order of impact.)

There are also several well-known brands, like, the Salvation Army, ETS, and CheapOair. REEDS jewelers has been around since 1946 and has stores in 18 states., also on the list, is a respected online news site.

The column on the far right shows how much “SEO Visibility” each website has lost — at least for the keywords that SearchMetrics tracks. This doesn’t necessarily mean that these websites are all seeing dramatic traffic losses, because they might still have high visibility for keywords that aren’t being tracked. That said, in the couple years that we’ve been reporting on the Penguin and Panda updates, lists from SearchMetrics and a couple other SEO software companies have generally been considered mostly accurate.

In his blog post, SearchMetrics founder Marcus Tober says the impact from this latest Penguin update is smaller than he expected.

It’s not the update I was expecting. I thought that this Google Penguin update would have had a bigger impact similar to Panda 1. But that didn’t happen. My first analysis shows that many thin sites, sites with thin links and especially untrusted links face the problem. In addition, some small business sites were hit because they haven’t taken SEO serious enough.

He also told us via email that the impact was much stronger in Germany than in the U.S., and SearchMetrics details some of the Penguin-hit websites in Germany in a separate blog post(German language).



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You Must Be Missing Out On Vital Sales

vital-signsAs a business owner it is important to think about your customers. We all focus on those who we believe are our targets. These are normally put into different sections: age, gender, budgets, interests and location. It’s a brilliant thing to do as it helps you to create targeted content and advertisements that will really attract the right types of people into your store or premises. Targeting your audience is a basic task for any business, but it is often questionable whether enough thought is really put into those audiences as a whole?

Forgetting People Who Matter

One of the reasons we establish who our target audience includes is to ensure that the stock we have or the services that are provided will be sold. After all, without those sales the company will not survive very long. The problem is once the audience is defined often we failed to look deeper and this can remove valuable members of that audience, resulting in loss of potential sales.

Those with disabilities are often neglected, at least until something goes wrong. Sadly, the target audience is rarely broken down far enough to include wheelchair users, those with vision or hearing impairments or other disabilities. We can quickly forget to involve these people in our calculations, causing problems for everyone. As a business we miss valuable custom, as customers who have certain disabilities are not catered for and therefore they may not be able to take advantage of the goods or services that you offer, despite being in the right age or interest range.

Include Everyone in Your Targets

So when you have decided to include everyone in your audience what should you do next? When it comes to marketing you must ensure that everyone is able to read or interact as much as possible with your materials. Is the font big enough for the largest proportion of the audience? Would it be more beneficial to provide printed materials for the visually impaired as well as the able sighted? Are designs and information areas also suited to the entire audience? Perhaps the information is too high or the signs and sales information is too difficult to be seen or found by everyone in the premises?

Access is Also Vital

When you have spent time creating the best shopping experience for all of your audience you need to make sure people can come in and spend their money. By failing to think about the access you could be instantly closing your doors to a large proportion of your audience. Perhaps the doors are too stiff, there are too many steps, or perhaps you are unable to serve those who need help effectively. These are all important areas where you can improve access for customers to ensure you do not miss out on any potential custom.

Get the Help You Need to Open Up to the Widest Possible Target Market

The best way to ensure you are welcoming in the biggest audience is by checking out your access. An access audit will help to highlight any problems that could be costing you money. With an audit it is possible to double check that everyone is able to take full advantage of your business and this opens up a bigger potential for you to make money. Additionally it is also great for business as it shows that you are a thoughtful company that opens their doors to everyone who is interested in what you have to offer.

Focus on Your Audiences and Increase Sales

By focusing on increasing your audience to include everyone within your set criteria you can help to improve the revenue that your business brings in. What’s more you are also able to provide improved services to those who need it; thus improving more than just sales.

Aki Hashimoto is a writer who believes that all businesses should use access audits to ensure that they offer total access to all potential customers; not just specific target groups. By carrying out an access audit, you will find that this is beneficial to both you and your customers.



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