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5 Steps to an Amazing Company Blog

images (4)Blogging is one of the world’s most powerful mediums. It has changed the way that we send and receive information, and it has dramatically altered the face of news reporting. Because of blogging, if you have something to say, you can say it to millions, and you do not first have to get approval from editors, bosses, or anyone at all. However, because of the millions who are trying to get their voice heard, it becomes that much more difficult to stand out from the crowd. In order to do so, you have to make sure that you create the best blog that you can. So to help you out, here are five steps towards creating an amazing blog.


1. Find Your Hook

Your chances of having a successful blog will increase if you can find a specific niche to write on. Unless you are a celebrity already, there are not many people who will be interested in reading a miscellaneous collection of your thoughts. But if you focus it on one specific topic, be it a certain sport or team, politics, or a hobby, you will attract people who share a similar interest. The main thing to remember when choosing your topic is to make it something about which you are passionate, as that will keep you interested and produce your best writing.


2. Interesting Content

Once you have your topic, you need to start generating interesting content. The content is the main thing that drives traffic to your blog, so make sure that you come up with articles that are compelling and shareable. When you do this, people will want to share your work with others and you will receive more readers.


3. A Good Design

It might sound superficial, but a good design can be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful blog. Sometimes when something is difficult to look at, it can be tough to get past it and pay attention to the content. You can draw people to your blog through appealing design and interesting images. Get a photo editor and create some interesting unique images. These can then be shared on places such as Pinterest and Facebook, and drive traffic to your site.


4. Create Blog Partnerships

Blogging is something of an online community. When you write a blog that fits into a particular niche, you can reach out to others in the same niche, and rather than viewing them as competitors, treat them as partners. You can then help each other out by sending people to each others’ sites, and featuring posts from guest writers.


5. Use Social Media

Social media is the best way to interact with your followers, as well as pick up potential followers. Make use of every avenue, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Also, submit your articles to sites such as Reddit and StumbleUpon. These sorts of sites will encourage readers to visit your blog and increase the chances of them staying to browse.



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Revolutionary Ways to Advertise Your Business Online

It can be a bane of life to select the appropriate channels for marketing the online business. The effectiveness of a sound marketing channel or medium cannot be put aside as it can lead you to an increased number of sales. If you are confused about what to consider while promoting the online business, then you must check out the following mediums (including SEO marketing) for marketing your business online. Niche advertising, Google AdWords, social media advertising and SEO marketing are all revolutionary methods of advertising that can take your business to the next level.

Niche Advertising

Once you are setting up an online business, you must keep a niche in mind. Determine the accurate and exact niche you want to go with, which should comprehend your online business. When you focus on a single niche, then your chances of increasing the ladder are increased rapidly. You can increase your Google ranking in a quick span of time, if you focus on just a one niche at a time. It would make you build trust, which would pave way for you doing online business in other niche as well. Many options are in front of you, once you determine the niche you would like to work on. You can go with article marketing on various article directories such as Ezine etc. Sticking to just one niche at the start helps a lot.

Google AdWords

Again, a great place for newbie to show their talent. As a start-up online business, you must look to market your services or products through Google AdWords. Competition is high at this place, but you need to stick to the guns, and wait for the results to show. Sheer knowledge of SEO marketing strategies can also come handy, when you are looking to market the online business through a proper channel. Get it started at Google AdWords with the help of flyers. This is kind of a test drive that can let you with an idea of possible future outcomes.

Advertising on Social Media

Social media has become a part and parcel of lives of almost everyone. If you advertise properly on social media, then it can let you do the trick. Sites like Facebook and Twitter simply pay you dividends in connection to marketing the business online. Thousands of people are associated with such social media sites, and your ad can attract huge traffic, provided you do the basics of internet marketing in a required manner. You need to come up with an interesting and catchy tagline that can attract potential customers to check out the ad you have posted.


Increased traffic to the website is considered as the main goal. To achieve this, stumbleupon is a handy tool that guarantees increased traffic to the site. This medium of online marketing lets the visitors to stay on the page for about 5 seconds, which are enough to market the business at the first glimpse. If your services or products sound interesting, then the visitors would definitely spend at least couple of minutes on the site. Many subscription plans are there when you go with stumble upon. Select the right one keeping in mind the status of the online business.

Taking Advertising beyond Tradition

The traditional methods of advertising for brick-and-mortar businesses included expensive television commercials, billboard signs and magazine articles. Online marketing through such avenues as StumbleUpon and SEO marketing can strengthen your business’ online presence to unfathomable height.

Bough SEO is a SEO marketing company that has worked with various clients to promote online growth using SEO techniques.


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Create or find something you love, and share it!

This is the season that reminds us of our blessings;  family, friends, health if we have it, jobs, talents, and in general associations.  It is who we know and interact with that defines in large part who and what we are.

I come from a small-ish family but have married into a huge one.  Through my business contacts and organizations to whom I belong my network has extended tremendously.  Through social media and the networks they offer my personal and professional network  is now virtually infinite.

Networks and groups on Linked-In, Face-book, Twitter, Digg, YouTube, Stumbleupon, and WordPress now occupy a huge chunk of my time and social experience.  These are not just educational or professional affiliations (though many of them started out that way) but many are becoming dear friends that I intend to maintain for the rest of my life.

It may have started out as a way to advance professionally, but it has turned out that Seth Godin was right about tribes.  All it takes is some initiative to get an idea rolling and somebody else will enjoy it.  Be that someone.  If you can’t create something on your own, just find something really cool and share it.

This may be a bit dated, because I was out-of-town, but here is my “holiday” offering.  If you have good speakers on your system turn them up!  Happy Holidays!


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