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Tips to Keep Your Office Desk Tidy

If you’re busy throughout the working day and constantly submerged at your desk with the amount of work you have to do, cleaning your desk or making sure its tidy is not going to be top of your list for things to do that day, but what I have found is that following these few tips you can ensure that your desk is organised and always clean for the next morning.

Here are some tips you should look at doing:

Don’t use post-it notes

The reason this is first on the list is due to the fact that my desk was constantly untidy due to the amount of post-it notes. I admit post-it notes are great if you need to remember something as you are always aware of them, but I must stress that you should only use them if you absolutely have to. Instead why not try using reminders on your computer for instance; I couldn’t live without my Microsoft Outlook calendar.

Throw away unwanted printouts

If you have ever printed out documents for a meeting (or have been given them from someone else), decide whether you really need to keep them once the meeting has ended and if you’re going to use them again. If you don’t need them, bin them!

Tidy you’re desk at the end of the day

If you’re hectic throughout the day, tidying your desk isn’t going to be a priority but before you leave the office just take 5 minutes to clean and tidy your desk. That way you will be ready to start work off an organised desk the day after.

Don’t pile up books and magazines (Only keep the ones you need)

If you subscribe to business or marketing magazines you’ll know that every month or so you will receive a new one, but once you have finished reading the old ones either take them home (if you keep them at work), throw them in the bin but remember to note the important parts that you have read or file them away.

Keep photos at the side of your desk, but don’t have too many

It’s surprising how much room 2 or 3 framed photos can take up especially if you only have a small desk. Be sure to keep them at the side of the desk (or besides the phone) just so they are out of the way and you won’t be in danger of knocking them over.

Use small containers to keep staples, paper clips etc…

All the little accessories such as paper clips, staples and elastic bands will fit nicely in small container pots or the other option is to get ‘desk tidies pot holders’ which can also hold pens and pencils etc…

Use a paper tray

If you’re going to keep some of your printouts, you’ll need a way to organise them.  What I would suggest is to get a 3 tier paper tray and note each tier with the following:

Tier 1 = Important

Tier 2 = Needs to be filed

Tier 3 = Not read yet

Use Tier 1 for documents that you desperately need to keep or you intend to use again in that week. Use Tier 2 for outstanding documents that have been read but need to be filed away. A good tip is to always file your documents at the end of the day so you’re not wasting time throughout busy periods of the day.

Use Tier 3 for documents that need to be read. Make sure this tier doesn’t get cluttered and you keep on top of reading the documents.

Don’t eat at your desk; don’t leave snacks lying about for days

What I mean by this is packs of sweets that won’t be eaten in a day or so. Keep them in a side draw or take them home with you.

So there you have it, some great ways to keep your office desk tidy. Do you have any tips that can help keep your desk tidy?

Daniel Whittaker has worked for a successful internet business, TonerGiant Ltd., who supply quality laser printers throughout the UK, since December 2009. During this time he has develped a keen interest in programming and developing websites.


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Clear the Clutter: 10 Ways to Keep Your Desk Clean

Often, I wander to my desk in the morning and wonder what happened overnight. It seems like my desk has been caught in the middle of World War 3. There are papers everywhere, Post-its are strewn about, there are lots of fast food wrappers everywhere. I just can’t seem to keep my desk clean for more than five minutes. I am busy working! I just think that as long as I know where everything is amidst the clutter, my desk is as good as organized.

However, when my boss came to my desk to ask me a question, he thought otherwise. He immediately crinkled his nose in disgust. He said, “You know it’s lucky that you do such a great job here, I don’t think I would tolerate this mess with anyone else.” Ouch.

This is when I realized that, no matter organized I thought I was, I had to make a change. As a professional, I shouldn’t have a mess cluttering my desk. If I can’t even get my desk under control, how am I going to be able to keep my work in order?

Here are ten things that I did to organize my desk. If you want to avoid a life of confusion when it comes to your desk. These tips can help you as well:;

1) Clear off the top of your desk. This was a great idea, I was able to clear off my desk and let it see the light of day again. I was also able to judge how much space I actually had.

2) Use a desk top organizer. This is was very useful. I was used to having everything tossed carelessly in a pile. But with a desk top organizer, I was able to fit a lot more stuff on my desk without it getting cluttered.

3) Create a separate drawer for personal paperwork.

4) Keep cleaning supplies. Having paper towels to wipe your desk down periodically will help your desk stay cleaner, longer.

5) Get rid of pens and pencils that aren’t being used anymore (or that don’t work).

6) Have a notepad to take use as notes. Don’t use scrap papers laying around.

7) Organize things according to how you use them. The more that you use something, have it closer to you.

8) Organize your wires. Sometimes your desk can get chaotic if there are tons of wires around your desk. Make sure that the wires are organized.

9) Make sure you have enough light. If you are able to see everything, you will think twice about a messy desk.

10) Stay organized as you go. Don’t wait until the end of the day to organize. If you have a few extra seconds, straighten up things. It will make the end of the day a lot less stressful.

A few weeks later, my boss came strolling by my desk. He said, “Welcome to. . .” He looked at me, and I smiled. He was extremely confused. He thought that I was a new employee, that is how clean my desk looked. I advocate to you, that no matter how clean that you think your work space is, there is something that you can do to help you organize it. It may not seem like a big deal, but when faced with impending deadlines and a hectic work schedule, you will find that having a clean desk will help you feel less stressed. I have found that I am also able to focus better because I am not worried about the clutter that is surrounding me. Make a change for the better and cut the clutter. You’ll be glad you did.

About the Author

Neltje Maynez is a writer for My Colleges and Careers. This site is a great resource and tool for those that have graduated and are looking for online mba programs.


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