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What Web Based POS Can Do For Your Business

Many businesses are embracing web based POS in order to modernise their businesses’ operations.

You need it

Sales businesses, particularly retailers, are reliant on POS programs to enable transactions to be processed quickly and effectively.  Modern POS programs go further than this by enabling businesses to develop reports to quickly analyse and pro-actively act on customer trends in order to maximise productivity of their business.  Really effective POS programs even allow managers to analyse individual performance of their employees.  The best modern POS solutions are web based POS programs, which enable managers to actively view up to the minute facts and figures and can drive revenues quicker through a business.

Added value

The positive impacts made by installing a web based POS to your business could potentially be limitless.  Take sales figures reporting as a simple example of the impact web based POS can have.  During a busy period of specific sales focus, such as Christmas, an area manager may require, for upper management or for himself, you to report sales figures to him at various points throughout the day.  So your boss wants to know how many pink fluffy bears have been sold every hour throughout the day one week before Christmas.  Reporting this involves you initially checking and confirming how many units you’ve sold, before leaving a busy sales floor during peak trade to send an email.  Each one of those is a completely unproductive task which is ultimately time wasted which could have been better spent on something else.

If that business employed a web based POS system, none of this would be necessary.  The area manager could simply log on to the cloud, analyse the sales report and follow up with the best and worst performing stores.  Sales reporting is now an entirely painless task and one which has benefits for businesses at all levels.

Take that and multiply those benefits across numerous aspects of your business.  Imagine the time savings and productivity improvements your business will make using web based POS for dealing with aspects other than sales.  Inventory Control, Employee Attendance and Task Management are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the possibilities of web based POS.

Why not?                                                            

Testing out web based POS is simple, and you’re sure to not be disappointed.  Most suppliers offer potential users an initial trial so they can experience the fantastic benefits on offer before taking the plunge for real.  Once a web based POS is installed, businesses will wonder why they spent so long working with other products.

Posterita is a new web based pos program which lets chain stores and single stores to manage every aspect of their operations via an easy-to-use web-based platform.


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I’m Sure That You Are Way to Busy to Read This

I just don’t have the time.  There isn’t the bandwidth.  There are not enough hours in the day. The hurrier I go the behinder I get.  Surely these are very common and familiar phrases in your work-a-day world.  To me, only the last one holds any modicum of truth.   Indeed, the more harried you allow yourself to get, the less efficient you become.  How many projects are put off simply because of poor time management?  How many concepts are thought to be staggering simply because of the perception that the project is just too big?

Consider the space shuttle.  Taken at its entirety the project was of such magnitude that nobody alive could possibly have attempted such a thing, yet broken down into its component tasks and properly scheduled it was one of the most successful and satisfying undertakings of modern man.  There is rarely a case to be made for not having “enough time.”

I have seen manager after manager bemoan the rigors of their daily schedule ad infinitum.  Seriously, to the point of spending hours at the coffee machine or behind their desks bitching and moaning about how little time there is in their day.  How many times during the day do we really schedule time to invest in the things that are actually going to SAVE us time in the long run?  In my former life the business development of a major corporate travel management fell to my responsibility.  There are absolutely no end of executive administrators and “C” level managers we ran into that realized there travel program was absolutely out of control (costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours annually) but simply didn’t “have the time” to sit down with us and get it fixed.  Ironically, these same managers and admins somehow “had the time” for their engineers and managers to sit down on their computers and book their own travel, often making mistakes or deliberate misuses of corporate budget that any professional agent would have caught in a heartbeat.  These same engineers and managers also seemed to have the “time” to spend on weekend “teambuilding” retreats, trade shows, and product user group meetings.  It seems to be that “time” is not the issue; rather it is one of priority.

Properly setting your priorities, and holding to the discipline of enforcing your schedule, is of key importance in time management. It reminds me of a friend I had growing up that had to buy all of their groceries at a boutique market because they took credit cards, and the local market did not.  They couldn’t just eat beans and graham crackers for one single month to save enough to pay off the credit card debt and start paying with cash at the market across the street that cost about 2/3 of what the boutique market charged.  Instead of exercising the discipline and “sucking it up” for a small period of time, they continued to pay exorbitant prices for their groceries, and monthly interest charges on their credit cards.

Time is money.  If you don’t take the time to invest in your future, you will not have any savings.  Our next installment will discuss how to invest time wisely on your internet presence:  your website and your social media profiles and sites should be your best “selling” assets.  Have you invested the time to make sure you are taking the maximum advantage of those golden resources?


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