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Good (and Not So Good) Ways To Publicize Your Message

Bad adverts

Amid the current commotion and busyness of today’s media-soaked world, it can be difficult to publicize your brand or business effectively, and many people have adopted some creative methods for spreading their message.

Traditional advertising is still alive and well, but in today’s market, many people have opted to up the ante in a bid to get attention, for better or for worse. Not only does this include social media, but various innovative and creative methods by which customers can receive added value and satisfaction.

Innovative Thinkers

Recall the case of Kari Smith, a mother strapped for cash, who sold advertising space to an online casino across her forehead. She had the casino’s brand tattooed just below her hairline for all the world to see for the sum total of $10,000. Her intentions were noble: she maintained that she would save the money and it would go toward her son’s education. Hopefully her son appreciates the length she went to on his behalf.

One of the more noteworthy publicity stunts came at the hands of Edward Bernays (nephew of psychoanalysis pioneer Sigmund Freud). In the 1920s, cigarette companies were a booming business but only for half the population. Men smoked freely but women were less inclined as it was a practice deemed less than ladylike;in many cases, smoking in public outside of designated areas was outright forbidden.

Rather than let this market opportunity slip by, cigarette makers called upon Bernays to upend the social stigma of smoking and get women smoking with pride. His solution was simple: stage a mock-protest in New York City. He hired professional models to march alongside the Easter parade procession with lit cigarettes, or torches of freedom.

The move was seen as a legitimate gesture toward empowerment and gender equality, and the outcome of this social experiment achieved its purpose; women began smoking in droves. Before long, smoking was seen less as a taboo and regarded with a sense of elegance.

Best Practices

Your efforts toward generating publicity don’t need to be quite so elaborate or questionable (or detrimental to the public health). Something as simple as sprucing up your ride with your message or brand can help build interest in a small business or local project.

Custom car wraps can significantly boost attention and garner prospects for your product or service. All the better if your company maintains a fleet of vehicles with a strong presence in a high-population area. Car wraps can fit something as small as your commuter ride or as large as an RV, bus, truck, boat or cable car, and can display your brand vibrantly to a local audience.

In today’s world of fast-moving ideas and technological advancements, it is important that businesses see the whole picture and look forward when it comes to marketing and branding. Innovation, creativeness and, most importantly, return on customer relationship, is a vital factor for continued success and growth.

Find a method to spread your message that works best for you. The options are plentiful, but might I suggest you opt for something less indelible than a forehead tattoo?

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