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‘Uber of trucking’ Trucker Path muscles into $150B market

Viktor Radchinko, left, and Ivan Tsybaev built an app to pair truckers with shippers.
CEO: Ivan Tsybaev
Headquarters: Mountain View
Founded: October 2013
Employees: 2
Phone: 347.549.5684

Trucker Path has developed an app that provides crowdsourced information for commercial truckers in the U.S. and connects them to shippers who have loads to move. In addition to potential assignments and logistical assistance, the app lets drivers share useful information such as locations of truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations and truck washes.

How it makes money

Trucker Path offers much of its information for free but gets most of its revenue from monthly fees it charges for premium packages that give carriers access to the truckloads marketplace and to route planning.

Business it could disrupt

Freight brokers and dispatch businesses.

Management team

Co-founder and CEO Ivan Tsybaevpreviously owned a company in commercial freight transportation (trucking and sea freight) in the U.S. with more than $1 million in sales in 2012. Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Viktor Radchenko won a 2012 Yahoo Hackathon and was a key developer at secure communications startup Perzo.


Max Skibinsky, founder and CEO at Hive7 (sold to Playdom/Disney), mentor at 500 Startups and partner at Andreessen Horowitz; attorney Yoichiro “Yokum” Taku of Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.

Money sought



Won second place at the L.A. Auto Show’s Connected Car Expo FASTPITCH Competition and the Audience Choice Award at Silicon Valley Open Doors Conference in 2013.

Market potential

The size of the U.S. freight brokerage market (via trucking) is estimated to be $50 billion annually out of the $650 billion trucking industry. The size of the international market is estimated to be $150 billion annually.

Likely competitors

Freight brokers, online freight-matching services and online truck load bulletin boards including Getloaded, Internet Truckstop and DAT Load Boards.



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How To Find A Reliable Air Freight Company?

images (3)If you are exporting freight from the UK to it may be necessary to employ an air freight company to move your goods. You will want to choose an air freight company that handle all aspects of the export process and will ensure that the goods get to their destination, quickly, safely and securely.

Search Air Freight Companies

Finding a good air freight company is not a straight forward process. It would be worth considering several different companies and perhaps taking a look at their websites as a first step. Look for companies that have a depth of experience and that really understand international markets.

A follow up phone call or email will allow you to get a feel for how responsive the company is and whether you feel you could work with them. The air freight business is a people business, and you will need to understand whether the person you are speaking with will be directly responsible for handling your shipments, or is just another sales person.


Prior to preparing your goods for export you should contact your air freight company to understand any size or weight restrictions that may apply for the destination you are shipping to. There is little point packing your goods and then finding out they are too big for security measures or too big or heavy for the available aircraft size.

It is essential that you package your goods properly for air export. If you don’t you may find that your cargo may not fly or may arrive damaged. Also bear in mind that insufficient or incorrect packaging can invalidate the insurance that you purchase for your goods to have the right to travel.

If you are unsure how to package your products then your freight company should be able to guide you or suggest a suitable export packing company. The packing company will design the packaging to ensure a safe transit and make sure that packing standards such as ISPM15 are complied with.

Air Freight Options

A good global freight company will be able to offer both economy and express services and will also offer a courier option for smaller shipments. It is also important that your freight company can offer freight insurance (if needed) and a full documentation service. It is essential your goods have the correct documents to travel with or could find that you can have a considerable loss to your company.

James works on behalf of Allenco, The Freight People who are a global freight company. They specialise in a variety of different export services, you can find a list of services at



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How to Move Offices without your Business Suffering

Moving offices is more difficult than moving houses. If you have gone through the latter you know what it is like. Being experienced in any sort of moving is a big plus because you know how to approach to it. What is more, you are always prepared for the unexpected since you know that anything can go wrong at any moment. Moving houses, however, means relocating with your family. And moving your business means relocating all your employees along with the equipment and furniture. It is stressful because you are responsible for a lot more people and their families than just the other two or three members of your own family. For that reason, this is a moving that must be well-planned. All contacts with clients must be preserved and the work must keep going. Adding to it that the relocation should finish as soon as possible makes it clear that you need the help of professionals. If the DIY method is applicable for moving houses when moving your business you must hire a removals company if you do not wish your business to suffer.

First thing you should know is that logging off all servers and stopping the work for a little bit while is completely out of the question. No productivity means losing money. It is quite enough that productivity will be low and that it will cost you money to move your business along with the money spent on potential damages. That is why you cannot afford to stop your work even for a day. But don’t you worry. This can be avoided if you plan the moving several months before putting it into practice.

Being ahead of everything is essential. For that to happen you need to be updated with the latest information about removals companies and the process of moving. That you can do. What is important to remember is to update everyone else about your moving. Inform everybody: employees, clients, all your associates. You can assemble a meeting for the staff to tell them the news. As for your clients your personnel can help you upload the news on your site along with the new office address and all the necessary contacts.

It is not a bad idea to use a temporary server in order to keep the work going. Of course it will be even better if you could start the new server at your new office. But if that is not possible for the moment a temporary one should do it. In that train of thoughts, you could also ask your employees if they would mind working from home because if they do not that would really help maintaining your productivity. If that indeed happens many of them may need some of the office equipment and you will have to provide it to them. That is why you should consider storaging it. Like that, you can use whatever you need at any time during the moving.

Finally, thanks to the removals company you hired everything is safely transported to your new office. It is time you settled down and gave a staff orientation for your employees to get acquainted with the new office. What is next is a final update on your website about your new whereabouts. Make sure that all the information is up to date: address, e-mails, and phone numbers. Once you do that you are ready again to take up your casual activities and to continue working with your staff at your new office.

The article has been written on behalf of


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What Do I Need Warehouse Services For?

You may find that your business is expanding and growing quicker than you originally thought. If this is the case then you may need some more help with storing and distributing stock. If you are currently trying to distribute and store stock on your own then it may be useful for you to think about employing a third party logistics company to your business. This way you will be able to hand over all the logistic responsibilities to them.

What Will 3PL Be Responsible For?

If you do decide to employ a 3PL (third party logistics) company to your business then you will be handing over a lot of the responsibilities concerning your stock over to them. You can ask for different services off a 3PL. You may only want to use them for warehouse storage. If this is the case then you should find out the location of the warehouse prior to signing any contract. If the location is right for you, then you will be able to store your stock in the warehouse for an agreed monthly fee.

If you believe you will need more help from your third party logistics company, then you can also employ them for your distribution needs as well. You will be able to use the 3PL to be in charge of distributing your stock to your customers. However before you decide to use them for distribution you should check that they have the correct type of transport for your goods. If you work in food manufacturing, you may need a cold storage truck to transport the goods. You may also need to transport goods by train, air or sea. Not all 3PL will offer the same services, so it is important that you look around to pick the logistic services which are right for you and your business.

Some 3PL will also offer supply chain management. This will mean that they are completely in charge of your stock management. The 3PL company will track your stock and finances. They will control what stock you have in your business and alert you when you need to order more. If you are currently struggling to keep track of what stock you have in your company and where it is going, then it is a good idea to choose a third party logistics company who can offer you supply chain management services.

Employing a 3PL to your business is a good idea, if you are struggling with controlling your stock. Having someone else in charge of your stock and distribution will give you the time to concentrate on different areas in your business.

George runs his own business and uses for his third party logistic needs.



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Preparing for an Office Move

When it comes to moving an office, a lot of planning must go into the move prior to the actual event. You must make sure that you have a facility that will meet all the standards required to run your business as it was ran before or better. Location is key in any move to make sure you are not moving to an area with less demand for your services. Also when moving you must take into consideration that where ever you are moving that your service providers actually carry services there otherwise you may lose the phone numbers that are already established for your company. You need to take into consideration as well as to whether or not your new location will be equally or more convenient for your previous customers.

Moving locations is always a risky thing to do. A lot of people are afraid of taking that risk with the possibility of losing customers, but don’t take the time to think of the possible growth they can gain with that move.  That is why you must really check into and research the area you are considering moving to and make sure there is a demand for your services there.

When moving you need to plan carefully and make sure that you have everything taken care of at the new location prior to the move. It is better to have a seamless transaction rather than getting there and nothing being done, because at that point you are in a bad spot with your business. The less downtime you have the better, because that will be less money you are losing if you make sure it your office is all set up ahead of time.

Too many times it has been seen that a company wasn’t ready for the move, and once they did they were in over their heads and it ended up costing them the company all together, as appose to just a small financial loss in the beginning.  So being prepared prior to the move is very important for the success of the move and of the business.

Make sure that you have all your ducks in a row beforehand. Research the location. Research the demands in that area for your service. Check and make sure with your phone providers that they service the area and if not whether or not you can transfer your number to a new provider.

Mark Gregory is writing on behalf of Capital Office Relocations, who provide storage services in and around the London area. Their services include Storage in North London and West London Storage


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