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Five Steps to First-Class Customer Service

Part of having a successful business is having the ability to deal with customers effectively. It is not just enough to have products or services which work. This is because consumers like to feel pampered and important, and they will not hesitate to take their business elsewhere if they feel like they aren’t being treated well enough. Great thing that there are only five strategies that separate so-so from award-winning customer service.

1. Keep in Touch

The most basic of all pieces of advice, it is extremely important to keep in touch with your customers. There are a myriad of ways to do so from newsletters to emails. However, it is crucial that you obtain your customers’ explicit permission to receive any written content from you or else they will just be bummed rather than thrilled. Make sure that your newsletters and emails contain information that will help your customers solve frequent problems.

2. Aim for Great Service

You, as an entrepreneur, might put premium on great service but your staff might not. This is why a whole segment on customer service should be dedicated when training your employees. Don’t underestimate the simple gestures of greeting customers.

3. Have a System of Responding to Customers

What customers hate the most is when employees are not able to help them well enough when it comes to queries and disputes. For this reason, your company should have a system for providing solutions to the most common customer complaints.

It is crucial to have disputes solved during the first contact with the customers in question and as-much-as-possible during the same business day. You can keep a notebook which will guide employees throughout the entire situation or a searchable text file.

4. Trust Your Staff

In the absence of a manager or the proprietor, employees should be able to make the right choices and appropriate calls. If you’re confident enough to trust your employees, simply instruct them to document any special cases or designate someone as the problem-solver. For instance, every dental office usually has a front office worker who tries to resolve disputes when the dentist is out.

5. Know Your Customers

In order for any business to solve their customers better, they need to know who they are dealing with first. Businesses can do so by keeping track of their interactions with customers whether that is through a piece of software or through old-school index cards.

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