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Three Fantastic Promotional Item Picks

One of the best strategies to get the word out and drum up new clients for your business is to offer promotional items. Promotional items are essentially a gift for customers or potential customers, but they aren’t just mere giveaways. Even though you may have to invest a little bit of money in your promotions, they can remind customers of your business whenever they are used. Promotional gifts also create a psychological compulsion to give something in return, which, in the case of customers, typically means making a purchase or giving your company a chance.

Are you stumped about which promotional items to pick? Here are three suggestions for popular and effective customer gifts.

1. Personalized Pens

Pens emblazoned with your company’s insignia can be a great giveaway gift for a couple of reasons. For one, pens are very inexpensive to order compared to many other things you could offer. You can get pens for as little as 17 cents each.

Additionally, there are a lot of different colors, kinds of plastic and styles of pen you can choose from, too. If you have a company that promotes and represents luxury, sometimes a fancier, more heavy-duty fountain pen can be a good choice. If you are a construction company or another business that wants to represent no-frills functionality over stylization, classic ballpoint pens can be a great choice.

2. Custom Water Bottles

Water bottles are also a good choice when it comes to customer giveaways. One reason why they’re a smart pick is because you can fit a lot of text on them. Not only is it possible to get your logo on personalized water bottles, you can also fit an address, insignia and other necessary information, like website addresses.

Another good thing about the water bottle is that it won’t get lost in the mix as easily as small gift items. Water bottles can be used for a variety of things, from going to the gym to work and travel. When you buy promotional items that your customers can use daily, there’s more exposure to your products and services.

3. Totes and Computer Bags

Tote bags and computer bags are undeniably convenient, which is what makes them a good promotional choice. Like water bottles, totes and computer bags can be brought along anywhere customers need to go. They can throw a change of clothes in a tote for post-work fun or fill it with snacks, lunch and/or CDs for a day at the beach.

Computer bags are something that most people buy anyway, so why not give customers a necessary item that they will use over and over again? These items protect laptops while cleverly advertising your company.

Go online today to find promotional products that fit your company’s needs.

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