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Why Online Gaming Has Become So Popular

Remember the days you phoned up a friend and asked them to come over? You would then have to phone them back, hoping to catch them to tell them to bring something with them, maybe a game or a video game controller so you could play TV games together. These days you message a friend and you meet online where you can socialize and play at your convenience.

Online gaming has increased from strength to strength in the past few years, there are more people playing online than ever before. I think this is probably a result of faster internet connections and the ability to play against other people all over the world whenever you want. There are five main reasons why online gaming is constantly growing, they are:

Constant Accessibility

The biggest draw for online gaming is the fact that you have constant access.  The gaming sites are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and there are always people online to play against or with.

Games have become such a sociable event online, which is a huge draw card for the majority of players. But it’s the accessibility and convenience of the gaming structure with its high definition graphics and sound that is so appealing.

Don’t get me wrong players still use Xbox and PlayStation games as well, but these have even moved to the virtual realm of things. You can now buy gaming console games which require internet access enabling you to play with or against your friends.

The cloud has made this even easier for many online gaming sites; the speeds have been improved, ensuring easy access for all the players who are gaming online.

Multi-Player Games

There has been a lot of controversy over whether online gaming is a healthy option. Remember we used to play in the park or ride our bicycles down the street, these days children play games on the internet, glued to their computers.

But in reality it is a very sociable gaming experience. Friends can meet up and chat, you meet people from all over the world making new friends and you get to play against your friends as though they were sitting right next to you.

With internet speeds what they are today, the streaming is seamless, this enables all players to play and chat at the same time with real time voice, so you can just chat away into your headset as you play and your friend on the other side can hear you and comment. It’s great fun.

Improving Skills and Gaining Confidence

Most of the online games today have an area where you can go and practice before you join the virtual world. This is where players can gain their confidence by improving their gaming skills. It’s an opportunity to play without actually being competitive in anyway, once you are comfortable you can join the live games and play to your heart’s content.

Skills are improved through the information provided by these gaming sites, they often have instructions on how to play the games and rules, so you can follow the step by step instructions until you are comfortable enough to face the game on your own.

Wide Selection

There are so many online games available from shooting games and war games to online casino games such as poker, bingo and slot machines. With such a wide selection to choose from with the click of a mouse, it’s no surprise more people are turning to online gaming.

Before online gaming you had to go to a casino to play a game or you had to go to a gaming store and search for the games you wanted, probably pay way too much money and then go home to play. With online gaming you can play anytime you have the internet, so you don’t even have to be at home. You can have your laptop at your favourite coffee shop and have a game or two before heading off, it is so convenient.

The great thing about online gaming is there are games for everyone. Not everyone enjoys casino games and at the same time not everyone enjoys shooting games. Time management games, problem solving games and hidden treasure games are also on the top of the list when it comes to playing online games.

Online Gaming is Affordable

The one thing that has always struck me is how expensive it is to buy a game at the store. A new release game can cost you a fair chunk of change, but when you get home and find it online you can play online or download it for a fraction of the price.

Combine price with variety and gamers can enjoy so many more games for the same price they would pay for one game in the shops. That is reason enough for me to enjoy online gaming and it’s easy to see why it’s become so popular in the past couple of years.

You can take your online gaming experience to a new level and learn how to play poker for free or you can give a hand at cash tables and see how your online gaming experience soars to new heights.


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Great Games to Play at the Office

Let’s face it: everyone gets bored in the office once in a while (perhaps a little more often than this if we’re honest with ourselves). But what can we do about it? Well once the lunch break begins we can finally spend some time unwinding, thus allowing our brains to lapse into more relaxing thought processes. However, aside from eating, you want to do something interesting with that hour of free time, right? Games are a great thing to occupy your lunch hour with. Allowing for you to eat, play and socialise, they’re an excellent way to pass the time (assuming you haven’t got anything better to do, of course). So what options do you have?

  • Video games

If your office is lucky enough to have a games console (or two) then video games are a definite option. Which exact games you can play are generally limited by the console (although there are plenty of great games that feature on multiple platforms); an office Wii will allow for a lot of informal, party-type games whereas a PS3 or Xbox 360 opens up the opportunity for a few FPS matches or maybe an inter-departmental fighting game fest.

Board games are great for sitting around and chatting over during a lunch break. While certain games that can run for hours are probably not the best idea (Monopoly, I’m looking at you), a quick game of Scrabble or some quickfire Cluedo can be a great way to spend your lunch hour. Additionally, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous then you could possibly run a tabletop roleplaying game one shot. While a full game of something like Dungeons & Dragons isn’t likely to be feasible, you can play games such as Werewolf (sometimes known as Mafia) or Munchkin if your co-workers are up for it. Cards could also tentatively be counted as falling into this subcategory, but it’s probably best not to start up a tense, high stakes poker game on a Tuesday afternoon at the offices to rent.

  • Pool

If you’re lucky enough to have a pool table at work then you know exactly what to do come lunchtime: play a game. Often accompanied by a dart board if you’re really fortunate, it can be great to have a bit of pub atmosphere at work (you might even be able to treat yourself to a cheeky beer if it’s Friday), with games tending to last exactly the right amount of time (unless it escalates into some kind of epic honour battle, of course).

Jonathan Marks definitely recommends video games consoles in the office. Just sayin’.


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Go out and have some fun, really

Here are some ideas from Seth Godin on how to organize an event to make it fun.  His suggestions are for retreats, but this list bears consideration any time you get together with a bunch of colleagues:



  • Must be off site, with no access to electronic interruption
  • Should be intense. Save the rest and relaxation for afterwards
  • Create a dossier on each attendee in advance, with a photo and a non-humble CV of who they are and what they do and what their goals are
  • Never (never) have people go around a circle and say their name and what they do and their favorite kind of vegetable or whatever. The problem? People spend the whole time trying to think of what to say, not listening to those in front of them (I once had to witness 600 people do this!!)
  • Instead, a week ahead of time, give each person an assignment for a presentation at the event. It might be the answer to a question like, “what are you working on,” or “what’s bothering you,” or “what can you teach us.” Each person gets 300 seconds, that’s it.
  • Have 11 people present their five minutes in an hour. Never do more than an hour in a row. The attendees now have a hook, something to talk to each presenter about in the hallway or the men’s room. “I disagree with what you said this morning…”
  • Organize roundtable conversations, with no more than 20 people at a time (so if you have more attendees than this, break into groups.) Launch a firestarter, a five minute statement, then have at it. Everyone speaks up, conversations scale and ebb and flow.
  • Solve problems. Get into small groups and have the groups build something, analyze something, create something totally irrelevant to what the organization does. The purpose is to put people in close proximity with just enough pressure to allow them to drop their shields.
  • Do skits.
  • Have a moderator who is brave enough and smart enough to call on people, cut people off, connect people and provoke them in a positive way.
  • Invite a poker instructor or a horseshoe expert in to give a lesson and then follow it with a competition.
  • Challenge attendees to describe a favorite film scene to you before the event. Pick a few and show them, then discuss.
  • Don’t serve boring food.
  • Use nametags at all times. Write the person’s first name REALLY big.
  • Use placecards at each meal, rotating where people sit. Crowd the tables really tightly (12 at a table for 10) and serve buffet style to avoid lots of staffers in the room. Make it easy for people to leave boring tables and organically sit together at empty ones.
  • Do something really interesting after 10 pm.
  • Serve delicious food, weird food, vegan food, funky food. Just because you can.
  • Don’t worry about being productive. Worry about being busy.
  • Consider a tug of war or checkers tournament.
  • Create an online site so attendees can check in after the event, swap email addresses or post promised links.
  • Take a ton of pictures. Post them as the advance progresses.

Here’s the goal: new friends. Here’s the output: a new and better to-do list.


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