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Four Industries That Benefit From Video Content Sharing

Video is a great way to get word out about your company and draw in customers. With video, potential customers/clients can actually interact with your content and have it explained to them in a way that’s engaging, fun and informative. Because video is an eye-catching feature on web pages or mobile applications, it’s very successful in advertising.

Digital video management software helps companies create, edit, upload and monetize video content. Companies such as VMIX offer a video management system that works well for businesses in various industries. Here are three examples of the many fields that a quality video management platform can revolutionize.

1) Non-Profits

The main purpose of video when it comes to the non-profit sector is to grow awareness and a sense of community by driving people to participate. Once people realize the value of the service that a non-profit provides, it is much easier to raise the funds necessary to keep the venture alive.

A full service video platform allows non-profits to reach supporters and add new ones to the mix. Video can help organizations recognize sponsors and define the mission of the group; they can also urge volunteers to join together for the purpose of the organization. Editing, publishing and video creation are simple with one platform. Non-profits can also publish their audio and image files to further enhance websites and mobile applications.

2) Educators

The role of video management for educators is similar to that of non-profits in that they aim to educate clients. With video, it is easy to appeal to 21st century learners and keep them engaged. What’s more, video can convey complex ideas and concepts in a way that words alone can’t do as well.

Educators have the same ease of video manipulation and publishing, with the added benefits of student-faculty interaction, one-on-one video tutorials, pre-recorded lecture sessions and much more. Students can even collaborate using web cams, and any videos that are shared online can be used as helpful, informative, archival material for future students and courses.

3) Agencies/Marketers

Agencies and marketers are offered an unparalleled opportunity for branding and networking with video. Professionals can syndicate their messages, thus cementing brand consciousness, with video channels on social networking sites.

It’s easy to run your own ad content with VMIX video platforms, too. You can increase awareness of—and interest in—products and services with vivid videos and promotional specials. If you are marketing for a business that has a storefront, video makes it easy to also create the luxury, comfort and/or informative environment that the store has become known for. SEO (or search engine optimization) can even be used with video platforms in order to keep abreast of search engine results and increase awareness of your company in the public eye.

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