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4 Quick Ways to Make a Viral Video

By: Caroline Rodin

Anyone can make the next big YouTube hit, whether you’re a corporation with a big budget or an individual filming on your phone. But small businesses have the perfect combination of resources, flexibility and a loyal following that make a YouTube video successful. Learn the techniques that big companies are using to promote their videos and help them go viral and how you can do a few simple things to give your video a boost.

Grovo, an online education platform for leading sites, apps and Internet tools has the Top 4 Ways to Make a Video Go Viral This Weekend. YouTube is waiting for you to film the next viral video. Make sure it goes viral.

1. What is Video Optimization?
Online video is more popular than ever, reaching a huge percentage of the US Internet audience…and YouTube, the world’s largest video site, is at the heart of it all. Tapping into that large YouTube audience to get more views, however, means making sure that your videos are optimized for people to find them. Check out this Grovo video to get a quick overview before moving forward:

2. Find and Compare Trends
The YouTube Trends Dashboard allows you to see what videos are most popular in different places around the world to help you decide what content to produce and who to target. To use the YouTube Trends Dashboard, navigate to Use the location drop down to see popular videos in a specific country or city, use the age drop down to pick an age range, and filter by gender using the links below. The “Compare” button lets you select up to three locations, age ranges and gender settings to compare what’s popular with different groups of people. Use the “Unique” checkbox to see which videos are not in any other list, and the “Common” checkbox to see which videos are in multiple lists..

3. Help Search Engines Find your Videos
Adding tags and video categories can improve the performance of your videos by helping search engines find them when users search for your tags and similar terms. You can add tags when you upload your video, or at any time after by selecting “Video Manager” in the dropdown below your username. Check off a tag you’ve already used to include it, or type in the box above to find a specific tag or create a new one. You can also choose a video category that matches your title, description and tags to help improve your video’s search ranking even more..

4. How do I Get More YouTube Views?
A video’s popularity is a function of many factors, only one of which is the quality of your video content. Most importantly, however, before people can even judge the quality of your content, they have to be able to find it. Grovo’s video below will show you how to help people find your videos via YouTube search, with three of the most important elements are, and the top 5 factors that will influence how well your video will appear in search results. We’ll wait for you to finish the video…

Okay, good. You actually watched it right? None of these factors is necessarily more important than the others; they all play a part in determining whether you video will show up in search results.

About the Author:
Caroline Phillips Rodin is the SEO & Inbound Marketing Manager for She has nearly a decade of experience helping Fortune 500 financial and fashion companies improve their online visibility and increase their natural search traffic. Not only is she in love with SEO, she has a passion for sharing her love of SEO with others. Caroline’s work has been published in Social Media Today, YouMoz, Business2Community and AdvancedWebRankings, and more. Caroline graduated from Wellesley College cum laude in 2010 with a degree in sociology. She is an avid reader who spends her free time hunting for NYC’s best chocolate chip cookie.



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Avoiding Computer-Related Timesinks at the Office

Technology has brought as many new ways to waste time as it has to save it. Even some applications that are meant to help things run smoothly in the office have a way of sucking up valuable minutes.


E-mail can be an integral part of inter-office communication, but when you find yourself checking messages several dozen times a day, it becomes problematic. The minutes you spend sifting through spam or replying to notifications that aren’t work-related add up fast, decreasing your productivity. Interrupting your work to check e-mail is also distracting and can make it difficult to pick up your train of thought when returning to the task at hand. Instead, pick two or three set times during the day to check your e-mail and stick to them.

Social Media

Unless it’s part of your job, engaging in social media at work is bad news. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Digg are full of links to things that have little to do with your job and will almost always suck away more time than you intend. Taking a few minutes to check your Twitter feed during your lunch break may be okay, as long as doing so is acceptable under the policies of your workplace. Otherwise, wait until you get home.

Viral Videos

Every office has a co-worker who is always e-mailing bizarre Internet finds to everyone else. The next time he sends you a link to the latest viral video, resist the urge to click. One short video may not seem so bad, but many video sites suggest other things to watch based on your tastes, and before you know it you’ve been watching for an hour. If you absolutely must see the video, e-mail it to yourself at home to view at a more appropriate time.

Addictive Games

It’s easy to get caught up in the variety of addictive games on the Internet. You may tell yourself you’re only going to load up your favorite puzzle game while you wait for a co-worker, or that you’re taking five minutes to check out a Facebook application. These “quick breaks”often turn into lengthy distractions, and your high score isn’t likely to impress your boss enough that he won’t notice you’ve gotten nothing done. When it comes to games, it’s better to avoid them entirely while at the office.

With all the distractions of the Internet, it can take some willpower to disengage. But by managing your time with productivity in mind, you can avoid wasting your day and get your job done without worrying that you boss might catch you goofing off on YouTube when you should be working.

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Songify This: Winning – a Song by Charlie Sheen


Help our videos get some love from famous people who don’t understand the internet! Vote for Bed Intruder Song for the 2011 Comedy Awards: TOUR! …we’re going on tour with some of our youtube heroes –


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