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Thank You LinkedIn – NOT Part 2

PUBLISHERS NOTE:  I was able to find this, that explains how to simply post videos and images.  It seems to work pretty well and is self-prompting. It still does’t have the flexibility, of the old SlideShare application, like autostart.  I can’t figure out why they are taking this approach after spending $116M on SlideShare, but it’s not my dime….

PUBLISHERS UPDATE – 5.31.13 – Ive just been informed, and sadly confirmed, that the features below are indeed NOT available to all accounts.  Although it seemed to be no problem to drop the applications across the whole platform, for some reason LinkedIn is only allowing some accounts to upload files.  It has nothing to do with premium status, but I can upload and some of my clients cannot – yet?

LinkedIn added the ability to showcase users’ talents in a whole new way Wednesday: pictures and video. Now LinkedIn users can add visual content to their profile pages, giving more depth to the written content already displayed on the site.For instance, a photographer might choose to include several of her best photos, or a copywriter might upload a video of that ad he wrote for last year’s Super Bowl. Architects can upload the blueprints for a building they designed, and musicians can upload videos of past performances.

Visual content can be added to your summary, work experience and education sections on the site, and can come from your computer’s hard drive or from the web.

On the flip side of the equation, people who are browsing profiles on the site can now like or comment on media uploaded to others’ profiles. A sharing option — for sharing content you find interesting with others — is also in the works.

New media-rich profiles are available now for LinkedIn members in English-speaking countries.

To add media to your own profile on LinkedIn click the “Edit” button on your profile page and follow the prompts in the summary, education and experience sections.

What sorts of content will you be adding to your LinkedIn Profile?

Images courtesy of Flickr, Alex Murphy


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How Wifi Has Influenced Music Sharing & Piracy

It could be said that people love to share. Whether a person wants to transfer a recipe or an idea, there is an audience available. The Internet allows people to share just about anything, including music.

1. People Do Not Need To Burn Discs

If a person wishes to share music, it is unnecessary to burn a disc. Burning a disc may take a significant amount of time to accomplish. On top of this, a person that wants the disc may be unable to receive it right away; this leads to frustration for both parties. However, the Internet allows a person to get the music from the CD through an email. Sharing can also be done on a website chosen by a participant.

2. Sharing Takes Place at Any Hour of the Day

No matter what time of the day it is, a person can easily exchange digital items with another person. In the past, it was necessary to wait until a reasonable hour before exchanging items; school buildings and college campuses were typical locations. Exchanging the item may take some time if one person is in another part of the building. However, the Internet allows people to share items at midnight or noon. It does not matter what the time zone is. There is little reason to leave an area to make a transaction or plan something.

3. Sharing Can Go Quickly

Sharing on the Internet is fast; a person can download a video or album within a few minutes. There are websites available for a person to search when he or she wants something specific; if he or she wants a sharing website that deals with foreign music, there are several on the Internet. A person can locate a website with files numbering in the thousands. People do not have to look far to find something that is appealing to them. When they click on a link, they get what they want in a swift manner.

4. People Believe That Items Should Be Free or Cheap

The Internet influences how people perceive pricing. People have grown up in a world where items are free on peer sharing websites. Because of this, it is not uncommon for an individual to believe that items should be free or cheap. The individual may assume that he or she should get something without paying money. People may go out of their way to avoid paying for something. This belief is all over the Internet, and it is likely to stay in the public conscience for some time. It cannot change overnight no matter what.


Peter Wendt is a writer from Austin, Texas. He loves researching and writing on a variety of topics, including technology and the influence of the Internet in our daily lives. If you are in need of Internet access, he recommends this wireless Internet solution.


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