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Change Your Window Treatments And Change Your Life For The Better


Undoubtedly, you think night and day about your window treatments and cannot quite get them off your mind no matter how pressing other matters at hand might seem to be, and that might be a concern for some people, but you long ago learned to embrace your obsession with curtains, drapery and shades, and that is not just a part of you that you are very proud of, it’s a facet of your being that you do various things to cultivate, like attending conventions, seminars and meetings all dealing with the important issues surrounding modern window treatments, and how we as a society never seem to really give the window treatment the full level of respect that is proper for such an important aspect of American life.

So called “friends” may snicker every time you bring up the important issues regarding draperies that have been holding your attention for months, and your brain is bombarded by endorphin rushes every time you think about things like curtains, blinds, and even shutters, which are all of enormous importance to you. But you are beginning to sense that your enthusiasm for all things having to do with window treatments is not shared the way that you feel it really ought to be, and that is a shame, but that’s everyone else’s problem, you secretly maintain.

Not Your Problem

It’s everyone else’s loss if, unlike you, they don’t go weak in the knees at the mere mention of decorative curtain rods, which come in a stunning number of varieties and can be mixed and matched in every room of your home.

If you are truly enthused about curtains and drapery, you are likely also completely gaga over the hardware fittings used to hang curtains and the mechanical parts that allow you to close and open drapes and curtains using a pull-cord system, which may be one of the greatest inventions of all time, you undoubtedly feel.

You Know All About It

If you are a complete hardware freak, you undoubtedly know all about wooden curtain rods, which will give your window treatments a decidedly retro look, and are a perfect counterpoint to other modern flourishes that you’ve applied to your décor. Maybe you’ve got a house that is decorated in stark Bauhaus-like motifs, and you want to provide some contrast to the futuristic look of chrome and glass that predominates in your rooms, so adding bits of either finished or unfinished wood provides the kind of look that appeals most to you.

Subtle touches can be applied to your window treatments, and these will reverberate throughout your rooms and make them the warm, inviting places that you’ve always wanted them to be. Even if your closest associates don’t share your enthusiasm for blinds and shades, that’s their problem, not yours.

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