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Facebook bought out Instagram for $1 billion on Monday

Facebook bought out Instagram for $1 billion on Monday, April 9th. Since then, there has been different opinions circulating the internet and chat rooms about whether or not this is going to ruin or make Instagram better than it was before.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, announced that he wanted to buy out Instagram because Facebook had been searching for years to find better ways of sharing beautiful photographs. This was a good deal for the nine workers of Instagram because it made them instantly rich! Most people still feel that Facebook is trying to dominate the app and make bad decisions with it, such as adding advertisements that were previously never seen on Instagram. Yet, some people still feel that Facebook is just trying to make photo sharing easier and more exciting for Facebook users. There has been much chat and discussion on the issue and there is much controversy surrounding it still.

It seems that Zuckerberg does not want to make changes to the app however. He insists that he wanted Instagram’s “talented” workers to join his team and produce more features to help both the app and Facebook succeed. He also insists that he wants to help Instagram grow through Facebook to popularize it even further. Zuckerberg states that he does not want to make any changes and all the features of Instagram will remain and not be limited despite people’s fears of this.

The staff of Instagram is extremely pleased with the offer to join Facebook and surely they will want to keep their same users of Instagram despite this change. People are frantically trying to delete their Instagram account and are expressing their fears of changes that Facebook will make to it. It seems, however, that these fears are just that and actually, no changes will be made. If anything, Instagram will only become better, not ruined.

Unfortunately, many people seem to be abandoning Instagram as seen on Twitter and other chat rooms even though it has been insisted that Instagram will still continue to remain separate from Facebook. All that the two companies want is to expand their networks and create better social network experiences for people around the world.

There is no end to Instagram as some people seem to think. Instagram is going to continue to grow and become even better as it would have even if Facebook had never become involved.

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