The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer

29 Nov

Never be without a “tripod” again.  The HandlePod camera stabilization system  holds your camera or video still so you get great shots without a tripod. BUY IT HERE

If you can’t take a full size or travel tripod out with you when you go for a walk / holiday / shoot / dinner, etc, you could always find a spot for The HandlePod in your bag / big pocket / hand.

HandlePod is $29.95 (With free shipping if you’re in the US of A) and is so SO versatile! You can put your compact or smaller dSLR on it and use the HandlePod to hold your camera still on a wall / pole / table for a lower light shot (Say in a massive, typically dark cathedral with an awesome ceiling that you want to photograph) You can use the included elastic / bungee cord to strap it to pretty much anything (Including a 3 year old when he holds still enough… no three year old was harmed in the testing of this product, honest!) You can use the HandlePod as a handle for your Sony Action Cam or GoPro to hand hold and film stuff… You can get a good idea of what people are doing with HandlePod via this link. 

Just $29 with free domestic shipping at

Take 90 seconds to check out this flick and see if you don’t agree!


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