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How to Choose Financial Software

For every business owner, there comes a time when it becomes essential to create a system to handle the financial matters of the business. Whether you, as the owner, are looking for some financial reports on your company or simply adhering to your taxation requirements, maintaining the financial records properly is absolutely essential. Whether your company is growing rapidly or requiring a loan, you need to have your financial back-end in order.

Here’s a look at some things that you need to ensure that your financial software has to make your life simpler.

Simple to Understand

Whether your business is growing or you are simply trying to bring some order into your life, you need to spend as little time as possible maintaining your financial records. Why? Because the more time you are spending on your accounts, the lesser time you are spending doing what you are supposed to be doing – moving your business forward. Sure, you are, in a way, still promoting your business through the financial software but when you are sitting and setting your house in order, you aren’t exactly manning the cash counter or making a sale.

Also, if you are just moving into the world of accounting for the first time, you don’t want the software to discourage you from learning more about maintaining your company’s financial records properly.

A Good Help File

How often have we seen fantastic software go down the drain simply because they don’t have the kind of support and help required to aid their customers. For a business owner who’s taking her/his time away from regular work, this is a major investment of time and money. If the software doesn’t take this into account and create a simple system of getting out of tight spots, whether through telephone help-lines, user manuals or just email-support, then customers might never return to it. Basically, it shouldn’t be easier to switch to another product rather than find a solution to any problem!

Getting Money

If you can, you need to get an accounting system that gives you the advantage of having pre-made provisions for money that you are likely to receive. Whether through sales or just in terms of creating estimates, your company will need every little bit of help it can find in these software. Having provisions about billing and raising invoices will help create a simple process that has a small learning curve and allows you to introduce these elements, into your daily functioning, immediately.

Paying Out

Whether you are looking at paying your employees, handling vendor payments or simply keeping track of the cheques given out, the ideal financial software will help you keep track of all that and more. There are plenty of software that offer a unique understanding of these systems and ensure that you have all that is needed to handle all your expenditures. Some even go a bit further and give you a certain amount of freedom in making payments through the system, by connecting with other websites or gateways. Depending on what your primary need is, you can make your software buying decision.

Other Essentials

Some financial software also have special additional tools that include features which allow you to manage your inventory, handle the time-sheets of clients as well as keep a track on projects and their costs. They not only keep an eye on these things, for you, but also ensure that you get timely reminders to make life simpler.

Whether you are looking for something that takes complete control over your entire financial setup or something that simply takes over a few responsibilities that you need to look into, financial software are extremely important to help your business grown and maintain itself. If you are planning to turn your organization into something special, then dig deep and find the best software for your company because the time you spend in searching for the right tool is a fraction of the time you’ll save later!


When Arthur decided to take his father’s little mom ‘n’ pop store to the next level, his biggest challenge was managing the growth. Using his background education and work experience as part of a small-business IT support team, Arthur is aware of the problems that business owners face when dealing with day to day workings and is always eager to share his knowledge with curious or interested people.


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What Does Deal Flow Mean to Private Equity Investors?

Private equity investors use the term deal flow to describe the prevailing rate of opportunities for investment.  Deal flow software can help investors both decide on whether to make investments and monitor existing investments.

What investors look for

Investors can use a deal flow software to monitor their existing investments as well as gain guidance on potential new investment opportunities.  Deal flow is measured simply as healthy or poor.  The rate of deal flow is determined purely by the level of good investment opportunities and returns,  Deal flow software helps private equity investors monitor this.

Deal flow software aids both individuals and groups with private equity investments generate good investment opportunities with the potential for a clear return.  Investors are looking for a healthy deal flow throughout their investments.  With a healthy deal flow investors will expect an equitable result from the initial investment against the amount ultimately earned.

Healthy deal flow

Private equity groups make investments with a clear strategy in mind.  Investors will often make separate investments to separate sectors in an organisation.  For example, directing their resources directly to consumers or liaising with suppliers can help private equity investors attain some security on their investment.

Deal flow has recently been very good due to the high level of entrepreneurs and private equity investment businesses against falling levels of venture capitalists.  Deal flow software helps potential private equity investors analyse and identify healthy trends quickly in order to make investments with a great chance of delivering high returns.

Where to find deal flow software

As the private equity market continues to grow, more and more examples of deal flow software are becoming available online.  Deal flow software is great for helping individuals and private equity investment firms make decisions on investment.  Deal flow software should not be used as a definitive decision making tool, but should be used to analyse potential gains from an investment and form a part of a private equity firms’ investment decision.

One of the most excellent and effective deal flow software tools is available completely free of charge from Dealmarket.  Their cloud based software, called MyOffice, enables private equity investors to organise and view all of their deal flow information in one accessible place.  The MyOffice deal flow software available from Dealmarket allows both individuals and private equity investors to search and compare investment opportunities and rate the best deals.  As MyOffice deal flow software is cloud based, there is no need to download any software as all of your investment information is stored securely online.  MyOffice utilises banking industry encryption standards to ensure 100% security at all times.

Dealmarket is a recent start-up company that offers a more efficient and accessible private equity marketplace and cutting-edge deal flow management tools.


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How to Earn Trust by Being a Leader

It’s not enough to simply have a website for your business anymore. Although that might have given you an edge over your competition years ago, it doesn’t anymore. Today it is estimated that at least 49 percent of all small businesses have their own website. This means that your competition has the same online presence that you do. So, what are you going to do now to set yourself apart from the rest?

It really doesn’t matter what line of business you have, what type of product you sell or what services you offer, competition is fierce nowadays. Even if you don’t have an abundance of competition currently, there’s a good chance you will shortly. This is the era of the small business. People are no longer content punching a time clock or relying on someone else for a raise; more and more individuals wants the freedom and benefits that comes with being your own boss. That being said, being successful or staying ahead seems to constantly get more challenging.

The key to success today is becoming a respected leader. This doesn’t mean hoarding all valuable information you come across and learning how to do a hard sell either!

Share Your Knowledge

There’s no quicker way to gain a lot of fans and a lot of respect than to help others be successful. When you have super valuable information, share it! This not only makes you look like an expert on the subject, people will feel they can trust your word which is pretty valuable in the business world.

If you stumble across an interesting article, share it on Facebook and Twitter; today nearly every online publication offers bookmark icons that make sharing easy.

Don’t Sit on the Fence

Nobody respects or trusts someone who doesn’t have an opinion. You can’t sit on the fence, agree with both sides or stay completely quite. People will disagree with you and you will have a debate now and then but this will earn you more respect than not having a backbone. When someone disagrees with you, don’t get offended or put them down. Appreciate their opinion and respect that they have a voice as well. A disagreement certainly does not always have to be negative.

You can let others know your opinion by posting a link to your Facebook page and starring a discussion or you can offer the information in your blog for your subscribed readers to get involved with.

Get Involved

Standing in the shadows will get you nowhere. When you voice your opinion and people disagree, don’t just hide behind your keyboard; get involved with the conversation. Be open-minded and you might just learn something and understand their view in the process.

If one of your customers, readers, clients, etc., has a unique perspective on a topic, use it to spark a conversation. Even if you don’t agree with them, you will likely earn yourself a life-long fan for the recognition.

It doesn’t matter if you make your own organic soap, have a landscaping business or own a chain of hardware stores, people value a leader. Understand that people do not have to have the same opinion as you to respect you. That’s what earns you loyal followers and sets you apart from your competition.

This is a Guest Post by Neil Jones, head of marketing for eMobileScan. One of Europe’s leading providers of handheld computers including the Motorola MC9190 or Symbol MC3190


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Make Global Relocation Easier with a Courier Service and More

Today, many businesses headquartered in Europe are transferring some of their staff to other European countries and Asian countries. If you find out you need to relocate for work, you will discover that the main challenge will be actually moving. Moving to another country may seem daunting, but there is a lot of help available. Relocation assistance from a business that provides a courier service, a specialised relocation agency, and an international realtor can make it easier.

The growth of the European Union has definitely increased corporate relocation across Europe, as it let companies move across borders much more easily. Unfortunately, the global recession has posed some challenges for employees when it comes to relocating, according to Re:locate Magazine. Employees are nervous to leave their home country, worried about being able to sell their current house, and don’t have a lot of trust in the job market. Relocation assistance can help you deal with many of these worries and fears, and make the move go smoothly.

Moving your belongings to the other side of the globe can seem nearly impossible, but courier services can make it much easier. Companies that provide courier services do it all when it comes to moving and shipping. They can move and ship everything in your house, including large stuff like boats and even horses. There are websites that allow you to post free listings of what you need moved or shipped, and people and businesses that provide courier services can view those listings and make a bid to move your possessions. You can then view the bids and choose the right one for you. There are also reviews of the companies to give you peace of mind. Using websites like this can save a money and help you stop worrying about the condition of your belongings when they are moved.

If you are an employee looking into relocation, a specialized relocation agency may be a wise choice. Relocation agencies provide very thorough, comprehensive aid, and some people favour them because of this. But they’re often expensive too.  Agencies have programmes specifically tailored for transferees. These include real estate assistance as well as family and spousal expatriation assistance. Many agencies provide information about immigrating, cross-cultural disparity, and schools. If you need this information, you may want to use an agency.

International realtors can also be helpful. They can help you sell your current house or flat and help you to find one in the country you are moving to. Housing is a big concern for many people, and a trusted realtor can be a big help.

An increasing number of people today will find themselves having to move across the globe for a job in today’s global market. There are a variety of resources available to help make the transitional phase as stress-free as possible.


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A Couple of Tips for my Small Business Groups, Clients, Friends, and Internet Marketing Associates:

Content is always a premium, and a good blog speaks volumes about you.  Although I cannot always find the time to write each day, I try to publish something daily.  Since I started this my daily readership has tripled.  A great source of “guest blogs” can be found at:  It is free and the quality is generally pretty good.  As always, make sure that the subject matter fits the general theme of your blog.  Mine is small business, but occasionally I drift off into some cute personal stories or a mindless rant.  Keeping on track is advisable if you want to maintain a steady readership.


Another great source for exposure is a discussion in the SMALL BUSINESS NETWORK on LinkedIn.  The discussion is called:  Post Your FaceBook Page Here.  It’s a great way to build a following and get your name and articles out to your community.

If you’ve got a business page on Facebook simply leave a link to your page in a comment.
This is a simple, easy, painless networking tool and can benefit everyone in the group!
I am borrowing this brilliant idea from the discussion leader, who borrowed it from another group on LinkedIn.
As an example, here is my link to my Facebook Page
Feel free to like it, and I’ll do the same for yours.


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Business Travel Tips

Business travellers know all too well about the pitfalls of business travel. However, there is always something new that just comes along and surprises you and takes you out of your complacent and happy mood.

We have compiled a list of the top business tips and things to be prepared for to prevent you having to deal with such surprising or unforeseen issues.

Always print your itinerary out before you go to the airport. You may also have logged in to the online booking system, but they can fail. You’ll then be sitting in the airport trying to prove who you are and when you do you’ll have to prove that again to take your allocated set.

If you are travelling to a country you have never arrived in before, check out the rules and regulations on what you can bring into the country. Some countries don’t allow people certain foods, fruits or drinks in to their country. Others don’t allow certain types of telecoms equipment or VPN devices – find this out before you go to save on trouble.

Also no matter where you go, bring your laptop with you in your hand luggage. Baggage handlers are not famed for having the most caring of nature. So, ensure the laptop is safe in your luggage before you board. If you can’t do that wrap it in bubble wrap to keep it safe.

Another technology tip is to bring a USB stick with all you need on it. This will prevent those last minute issues when you can’t get your laptop connected to the projector for that vital presentation. You should also bring an Ethernet cable with you so you can connect to the net from your hotel room. Most probably had cables but they are often broken or stolen.

Get a big wallet that takes your passport, keys and all the documentation you need in one place. This will make it easy for you to mind things and also to know where things are. Even better download an application for you smart phone, if you have one, such as Tripit. This phone application stores all your itineraries, codes, times and all the numbers you need in one mobile application.

Check that your company has arranged for you to receive proper travel insurance before you go. This will cover them as much as you should you lose, hurt or damage something. This insurance is vital for business trips so make sure you have it.

When you are on business try and schedule you meetings so you can avoid peak times. Being in a strange place means you won’t know how long it can take to get to and from places. Try schedule meetings around this to make life easier.

Book anything extra you need in advance, this will see you saving money on fares and bookings – lowering the cost of your trip.

All of these tips should ease the burden of business travel.

Simon Grant is a blogger and writer who contributes to sites such as Fiscal Muses and is looking forward to his next flight to Larnaca.


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I Once Was Lost, But Now I’m Found

Was blind, but now I see.  No this not the “Through The Bible Hour”, and we will not be visiting the remainder of the song “Amazing Grace” although the epiphany that has evoked the title of this article is possibly as profound as some spiritual experiences.  The awaking, as it were, for me was the advent of permission marketing.  Having been a product of the ‘60’s where the momentum of interruption marketing, particularly on TV, hit its peak, we were chained to our Chesterfield’s (that’s a couch for you millennials) and fed a steady diet of Coca-cola, Downey fabric softener, and Winston cigarettes.  There was no escape.  Marlon Perkins was extolling the virtues of Mutual of Omaha while wrestling Orangutans in Sumatra, Ronald Regan was spewing forth 20 Mule Team Borax, and Lloyd Bridges was ironically hawking Standard Oil on his aquatic action/adventure show Sea Hunt.

There was no TiVo.  There were no means to zap commercials.  The television volume was elevated to the point that even if you ran to the refuge of the kitchen for a Dr. Browns Cream Soda, the message followed you.  This was the golden age of push marketing, and it was one of the most amazing phenomena to ever smack the unsuspecting public square in the jaw.  Second only to junk mail and Jehovah’s witnesses for obnoxious tenacity, the caissons of Madison Avenue rolled through our collective living rooms like Rommel marching to the sea.  Since much of the advertising was institutional by nature (see the USA in a Chevrolet) it was damned near impossible to track, so with the absence of solid metrics the under girding philosophy became “more is better.”

My brother-in-law ( one of those young Gen X’ers) asked me the other day to explain the difference between push and pull marketing.  What was described in the above paragraphs was definitely PUSH marketing.  Eventually what it made us all do was push back.  It’s gotten to the point that every program I watch is pre-recorded so I can fast forward through the fray, every pop-up they try to send my computer is disabled, and my wife and kids are the only ones that have my correct iPhone number.

So how, you say, does one reach a potential customer now days?  As they say in some of the twelve step programs, attraction rather than promotion.  That means content, lots and lots of great content.  They have to want to come to you, so the only way to make that happen is to have something to come to.  Ironically, and synonymously, there has to be a “where” for prospects to go before they can go “there.”  It might be your website, your blog, or a social media site, but there needs to be some central place on the internet where your brand resides.  Since many of us rarely darken the halls of a brick and mortar “store” if avoidable, the cyber locations make far more sense.  The only problem is that there are so darn many of them, the search algorithms that take folks to different sites are getting so complicated that I’m not sure even Google understands half of what it does.  How does your average Joe that owns a “mom and pop” family business establish a presence worth the effort?   More to follow.


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